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  1. hey i'm in the uk and i am just about to try the lookgr8 5% glycolic acid face wash (£4.50 off ebay) so i'll let u know how i go on with that! according to this website and others, it loooks like it's pretty good for fading red marks and helping prevent new spots forming.
  2. slightly off topic but how does drinking acv help acne? one thing i do if i have squeezed a pimple is put some neat salt onto it (sometimes needs a bit of water to help it stick) and that really helps reduce redenss and the healing process. sodium choride ( in salt, any salt) helps healing. you can also do salt water mouth washes fi you have a mouth ulcer!
  3. so has anyone had experience of this yet? would be great to know peoples opinions on it, or any of the look gr8 products!
  4. HI! has anyone used the glycolic acid 15% night treatment from the lookgr8 website?? (possibly only uk?) it costs £8.30 and ws just wondering what people thought?? I have a few red marks left and get a few new spots and was wondering if this would help. thanks!
  5. Its clindomycin. I believe it kills the bacteria
  6. thanks glorianaf! that's really helpful, i think i'l go and talk to my doctor about it
  7. does anyone else have any other ideas on microgynon? what about other BCPs that are good for acne?? what are people's experiences? thanks
  8. Wow that's not good news! is there typically another pill that is prescribed immediately after dianette that anyone knows of? i see yasmin on here quite as bit, what about marvelon?
  9. Hi, Just wondering if anyone had anything good to say about microgynon 30???!! I have been taking dianette for about the last 5 years but last time i went to the doctors he said it was probably a good idea to stop it now because of the risks which is fine by me, i just need to find something that is as good! i had a break after stopping dianette to see if i had grown out of it!! as if!! so now i'm taking microgynon 30 recomended by the dr. it doesn't seem as though many people have had success