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  1. I got clothing, money to buy more clothing, and a cute new cell phone. I'm quite happy.
  2. People dont understand my humor and appreciate it either! I am THE Worlds Worst Joke Teller. I should be in the ginnus book of world records
  3. If your parents had acne and outgrew it, chances are you will to. But it's never a definate thing. Just stay positive.
  4. I must have missed the humor... But that's okay, people don't appreciate my idea of funny half the time either. Good try.
  5. Haha yes my picture really is me.

    And thank you. That's sweet.


  6. WOW is that really you? You are beautiful!!!1=

  7. Gah, if someone told me now I'd have acne for the next 33 years of my life I'd probably cry, honestly. But you're so positive I can't seem to worry about it too much. Good luck with your regimen.
  8. Frankly, the world is full of people that are going to bring you down. Don't be one of those people. If you're always negative about yourself, you never get anywhere. I know it's not always easy, but you've got to take on life confidently. And for a while, you have to PRETEND to be confident. Eventually, you'll find people who really are good friends, and once you're surrounded by the right type of people, it gets easier to honestly be confident and happy. Don't let skin bring you down.
  9. Another tip? Switch back and forth between normal color-protecting shampoos and baby shampoo. It's very gentle and great for your hair.
  10. It definately depends on personality. I mean, obviously it brings down your self-esteem if your best friend has perfect skin and you're always breaking out, but if they have a good, supportive personality, who cares? That's what I think anyway.
  11. I doubt that companies are putting all that much research into curing acne. After all, I would think things like cancer and AIDS, you know, terminal stuff, would be more important.
  12. See where it goes! Ask him to hang out sometime, or invite him to a party if you're too shy to hang out with him alone.
  13. This site is supposed to be all about support and helping each other out through the issues that acne cause, isn't it? Then why are the mods always making up new rules and warning people whenever things get a little heated. We need a place to vent, and sometimes we lash out, yes. That doesn't mean people should be banned or suspended. Then, if we dare to defend our position, we get in even more serious trouble. At least some of us. It's a game of favorites, and if you're not a favorite you b