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  1. I suppose it really does depend on the person because I've heard of people on 80mg and having no significant sides but for me personally my lips got extremely dry and the skin on my hands would peel and flake off at times lol. But apart from that I had no major side effects. Some tips to manage the dry skin: luke warm showers instead of hot showers rub lips gently with a small hot towel to remove the dryness and then apply chap stick Cetaphil moisturiser in my opinion is the best for your
  2. I've been off for roughly 3 months now and have had no sign of it returning thankfully! It definitely wasn't easy going through 4 months on 80mg but if you stick with it I'm sure it will clear you up. All the best with your journey!
  3. Thought I'd raise your spirits a bit and show my progress pics, I was on 40mg for the first month and 80mg for 4 months and it's changed my life. Both shoulders were completely covered and so too was my back and chest. Just left with small scars which are fading on a monthly basis.
  4. Hi guys, I thought I'd share my experience with the drug Accutane which I have been using for almost 5 months to try to clear my body acne. There's mixed feedback out there regarding Accutane and its effectiveness so I wanted to tell you my experience. I've suffered from severe acne for roughly 3 years and mild acne for about 5 and after trying every over the counter drug, body wash and cream available I was finally offered Accutane! I can honestly say after 5 months the drug has completely c