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  1. day 57 second month coming to an end and I must say it is about the same as it was a month ago. Like it was a month ago, I get some pimples from time to time but they go easily away, I also get the pimples after I have been drinking which I do once, twice or three times per week. other than that I sleep well, exercise well and eat well. after I turned caveman even on my body back and chest acne got much better, and it is better everyday. I am not planning to stop drinking, but when I do for m
  2. day 38 wednesday as I have been seeing the benefits of caveman, I have got really extreme. Now I shower only once or twice a week before I go out. otherwise I don't do anything at all. after exercise I let the sweat dry, and it doesn't stink except for underarms which i sometimes wash. Acne on my face is still the same- getting better, clearer and more even but sometimes I get a pimple or two. on some days I get none. When a pimple appears it goes away in 24 hours. I am quite happy about it
  3. Friday day 27 so it's been almost a month, I am changing the regimen all the time I am no poo since the start - my hair looks good but on touch it is a little greasy, no dandruff or itching, now I have been two days without a shower, even after exercise my chest and back acne is getting better - but also because of the sun, I am getting tanned and maybe that is part of it I am planning on going without shower for longer except when I go out, which is only two or threee times a week, and I
  4. Monday day 16 so it's been more than two weeks now and I feel good. But, the pimples are still coming up. Now only around my mouth and mostly under the mouth. The forehead is good, doesn't even seem too clogged. my face is quite dirty still, nose clogged and very greasy. so although getting better, I think that under my mouth i would always have acne there since water gets on there. Regardless, I am now going to go full caveman, after exercise even I try not to get water on my face at all-
  5. day 12 now after shower I have noticed that the area under my mouth is quite red, it is definitely due to the clenching and popping (although without using hands) so I think that is where I need to improve before I can completely clear up
  6. Intro I have been fighting acne since I was 16 or so- sometime in the high school. In the beginning I didn’t care much and it was quite ok, but getting worse – ten I got some cleansers that made it better after every use. But Then after some time it was really drying – around second year into it. Around that time I also got scars on my temples, almost not anywhere else. When I was 20 or so I switched to natural versions of everything. Since then my acne got better and when I cleaned it I wou