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  1. So after 3 months im done with my study and wanna take 6 months off for treatments. I live in europe so there are only 2 options for me, Emil or Chu. Emil does subcision, fillers and laser (fully ablative). Chu does subcision, microneedling/prp and from what ive heared no fillers. Correct me if im wrong. What is my best option based on pictures ive included? I wanna do my research thoroughly to make the best decision.
  2. Yeah, saw it. Amazing results. Altough the lightening looks a bit different in thè after-pic.
  3. Serius-lee? Beautifull ambition adviced it to me and davin lim said laser would not be a good choice. He would microvertically inject botox to break tethered bonds and in a later stage use subcision with ha filler combined with microneedling/prp. i would like to find a doctor in Europe who can do this.
  4. Im considering going to chu or emil now. Its difficult to choose. Ive heard chu thaught emil subcision so chu would be best at it then.
  5. Which doctor u went to? The problem is in europe there is not much off a choice.
  6. I cannot find any reviews of him or before and after photos. He's recommended by Davin Lim but is he as good as him? Who is the best acne scar specialist in europe?
  7. In my opinion it doesnt look fine at all. The structure doesnt look smooth at all.
  8. On the A-side i got a bigass rollingscar but i dont care about it. The B-side is what bothering me so much, it looks so messed up in my opinion.
  9. I've asked a couple of people on this site for their opinion. Most of them said my scars are very minimal. Still I got the feeling something aint right. If my scars are minimal then it must be the uneven skin tone thats bothering me so much. Tell me if im right? It Just doesnt look normal to me. Ive included some pictures and want to know how i can get B look like A. Ive tried retin a and 3 tca peels 12.5%. I woud appreciate if you guys give your honest opinion on what u see. mr. obi wan
  10. Was it effective? How many treatments u got?
  11. I did two fractional laser treatment, and it made my pores bigger and texture worse. It revealed pores everywhere. Ive been told infini rf (microneedling radiofrequentie) or clear+brilliant laser would work best.
  12. What treatment gave u the best improvement arte90?