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  1. Okay this is for everyone that are cursed with mild to moderate acne(because thats what i have and thats all i know.) Have you ever wondered why you never got acne before you used chemicals on your face? Or you started using a shit load of chemicals just because you probably got like 2-3 pimples and then the amount of pimples gradually started increasing but you never new why. Thats because of chemicals. For some people i agree they work but if you think in the long term there are many side effe
  2. If proactive is the thing that made you clear then dont stop using it until u grow out of your acne because your face will breakout reallllllyy badly..So in your case i suggest you use aqua glycolic first and then do the proactive in your daily regime. and one more question..How long have you used proactive??
  3. HEllllll Yaaaa bebyy Aqua Glycolic alll da way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was in the same spot that ure in right now..like the way u quit using BP...and switched to AG..
  4. Your face may be adjusting to it if you haven't used many AHA in the past. My first three days my face was red, but I stayed with it and now it usually looks best after I use the product prior to moisturizer. I use it twice, only reason I wouldn't use it once is that every other cleanser I've ever used made me breakout or dry out, which this product hasn't done. I think I'm going to try this product. I have mild acne, though it's usually the inflamed kind, and my red marks usually last 2-6
  5. dont leave it on for more than a minute..because it can irritate your skin. Acnefree (or anyone), do you know where in Walmart it is carried? I looked in the aisle w/ all the facial cleansers and such and didn't see it there, is it in the pharmacy? TIA Also, does anyone use the toner and moisturizer? or just the cleanser. Again TIA. :) i just bought one from walmart from the facial cleanser aile..have you tried cvs?
  6. Thank you much! This is available at Walmart or Walgreens or places like that right? no problem, and yes walmart carries them for sure and if you cant find it in stores (i doubt it) then just order it from drugstore.com.
  7. the cleanser or toner? The cleanser, I'm just gonna try that out. Anyone recommend a good moisturizer with sunblock? Are you from Cali? clean and clear oxygenating spf 15 moisturizer or Cetaphil moisturizer
  8. the reason why you probly arent getting quick results is because you dont use a sunscreen...because the sun can damage your red marks even more. Even if my face is out in the sun for like 10 minutes for the entire day? And i've been using it for a month. And does anyone know the exact % of glycolic in AG? yea even a minute because the sun is strong as hell and ive heard somewhere if u use a AHA or BP and dont use a sunscreen, you can get skin cancer...just use a moisturizer with s
  9. i know cocunut oil is beneficial for acne but i dont know about soybean..
  10. the reason why you probly arent getting quick results is because you dont use a sunscreen...because the sun can damage your red marks even more.