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  1. donny


    mederma doesnt work for depressed scars. think about this...its supposed to work for hypertrophic scars( the ones that are elevated from the skin) by decreasing the production of collagen, therefore depressing the raised scars. but for depressed scars, there is a lack of collagen production to the scar site...thus the depressed scar. so using mederma on depressed scars is actually contraindicated bc in theory it will only make it worse by decreasing the already lacking collagen at the scar site.
  2. i go out at anytime really...but i just try to avoid those places with wierd lighting. i once took a mirror outside with me to see how i looked...it was better than i looked in my mirror in my bathroom. the only thing that really gets me are tinted windows on cars...ugh. i mean is that what our scars really look like? bc if so then mine are way worse then i usually see it as
  3. donny


    i tried it one time...but i had found out that the way it works for other types of scars is by stopping the production of collagen in the applied area, therefore leveling out raised scars. but thats a contraindication for using it on depressed scars...because depressed scars are a lack of collagen i think. therefore it could make them worse? i really dont know but thats what i heard so i stopped using it. waste of money really
  4. so i did some needling a couple months back and my scars have filled in slightly, so overall it looks somewhat better. my scarring is shallow to moderate, but they are still somewhat darker then the rest of my skin making them more obvious. anyways i just wanted some advice on what to do? im too scared to needle again bc i dont want to mess up my face by making the scars sink in or anything. i dont have much money...so what should my next step be? if im going to go to the derm should i ask him a
  5. i think it actually looks kind of cool. just my thoughts though
  6. bc of needling my acne scars became hypopigmented. they filled in a bit but now they are super white :/
  7. yea im not sure if its worse or better...i mean it sure beats having the redness that i used to have on those scars. my face gets red really easily, and today i looked in the mirror and that scar was still white. should i stop needling? bc it seems to be doing something
  8. okay so the deal is that i tried to needle my scars on a few points on my face. and well its been about 2 weeks and a few of the ones i needled filled in with this white skin stuff. like the pitted scar was red before...but now its super white. the scar doesnt look as deep. but the wierd thing is i only poked my scar maybe one time and then moved it around a whole lot when it was in my skin...so i dont think its bc of the needling. what could it be? it looks unnatural bc its alot lighter than th
  9. okay so ive had red scars on my face for almost 3 yrs now and they still havent faded. the scars are sunken and red which really sucks bc it brings out the pitted scars more im trying to get rid of the redness bc i think it will make the pitted scars let noticeable. ive tried everything though...things just seem to not work or just make my skin more red. nothing seems to work but time...but come on 3 yrs is long enough! any advice??? anyone in my shoes that can help me please?????? i dont have
  10. hmm thats hard to say. i think i have all types..and the least noticeable of them are the icepick ones. but i mean it really just depends on the depth of the scar doesnt it? mine arent very deep..but they are slightly darker than the rest of my skin so it brings them out more
  11. baking soda irritated my skin and didnt really help at all. used it for about a month...made me break out some too which was wierd bc i never break out. glad it works for you though
  12. if my face looked like yours i wouldnt be on this forum...thats for sure. your skin looks great
  13. i need advice on what to do. im new here, and well ive just hit rock bottom. today i sat back and realized just how bad my acne scars are. thing is...its really hard for me to get it treated. i have 5 brothers..all older and they have perfect skin. when i go to my mom about my scars she tells me to be thankful that im healthy. look at the good things she says bla bla...i am thankful, i just cant take it anymore. my brothers call me a f*g whenever i go to my mom about it. i couldnt take it. so to