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  1. I had my first V beam Laser yesterday and pregnant which is a concern for me. Doctor said it was fine. Anyhow the laser felt like little rubber bands snapping at my cheeks. The procedure took less than five minutes, absolutely no bruising, swelling or peeling. The doc only used the laser on my existing red and brown marks. I did pay $500 and feel like i was ripped off. Maybe he took it easy on me because of my sensitive skin and the pregnancy. How long was your treatment? Fight The Acne!!!!
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    The evolution of my face getting worst and worst
  3. I will be paying $500 for each V Beam session plus the doctor does the treatment. Plus i would never let an assitant or nurse touch my face with a laser, hello thats how you get burned and fudged up. Don't you all people know the less you pay the more problems you will get.
  4. I've finally controled my acne infection and moving on to my second step of the doctors orders. He mentioned IPL or the V Beam Laser. To my knowledge the IPL is for active acne and scars but the V beam laser is for red/brown spots to birthmarks or rosacea. I'm so confused to what procedure to do. Any advice people? My appointment is not till sept 7th, so if anyone has any advide please contact me here or email me [email protected] thanks joca
  5. I'm curios to know peoples experience with smoothbeam laser treated on active acne and scars. Please send before and after pictures and a brief experience of your treatment. Did it get worst the first visit or did it help you on your first visit etc......... here's my email [email protected]
  6. I'm anxious to know the result of your first beam laser because i will be getting it very soon. Did the doctor perform the procedure or the assistant?
  7. I'm having second thoughts in getting the smoothbeam laser treatment. My doctor is controling the acne infection with antibiotics and ointment. So far i've seen results, now the next step is laser. Any feedback with positive experieces on the smoothbeam laser?
  8. You have a lovely skin color! Good luck with your new derm.

  9. I've seen so many dermatologist and none have solved my acne problem. I know that acne will not disappear overnight but my only desire is to have less than 20 nodule cystic acne on my face. I believe that i've finally found my solution to all my problems. The doctor that i will be seeing the next coming week has been highly recommended by my mothers friend. I was told by a previous dermatologist that nodular cystic acne only cure is Accutane. I will prove to all that its not necessary to ta