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  1. staphylcoccus are normal flora bacteria found on the skin. if you are constantly getting infections of staphlyloccus and the anitibiotics mainly beta-lactames E.g. penicilin don't work then you should get swabbed and identify what strain they are. you have have multi-resistant staphs which is bad news, the most pathogenic one prolly is staphylococcus aureus, these infections are noticible. they are common around the nose and groin. staphs are sensitive to drying affects like alochol gels etc. y
  2. thanks for the help friend : )

  3. hmmm prolly see a skin specialist instead of a GP. BP does extend hyperpigmentation and cause redness as a side effect. I know its unlikely but you can reduce reduce the redness with makeup. I'm no doctor but hydrocortisone or a similar steriod cream can reduce skin irritation caused by immune response but its not reccomended to be sued on the face for long period of time
  4. have you controlled you acne yet? if not they could be re-occuring hyperpigmentation from the spots. if you have then its most likely its dilated blood vessles underneath the skin so some form of laser should help like IPL. it could just be skin irritation from certain products/sun but if you said you've had it for years maybe let a doc have a look? red marks do take a long time to fade
  5. Right i had something like this done before on my nose in a slightly lower position. From the info andpic you gave, i think the scar is fibrous which is normal when tissue is removed. From what i have researched theres a few options you can try. Subcision+ filler. Cutting under the scar to release the scarred tissue making a pocket and having a filler lift it up. Scar revision. Laser resurfacing can make the scar look smoother but the indent will be there or having the scar cut again and repa
  6. Been using this product for a while but having trouble getting it right. My major fault is it sometimes the filler is shiny instead a skin like appearance eg Matt finish. Any tips? I don't use all the reagents since my scar is a indent on the nose
  7. Yes. Its a bit hit and miss because if you apply too much or not enough can drastically affect the look of the scar. In good days when I get it right, its good and I'm not aware of the scar anymore. When you first try it it takes a lot of experimenting. If you are interested read the other threads as you don't need to buy the whole kit only what you need.
  8. It means your scars ared distensible. Have you considered dermal fillers fore those scars?
  9. You can try a product called Daphne filler or dermaflage. Few threads are available about this product which is a external filler bit hit and miss and cheap
  10. shadowing caused by lighting. its frequently used in photography and science like microscopes.
  11. used the product for about 3 days and heres my review. i use this product mainly on a icepick scar on my nose which i have the most problem with, it is good for filling that in. the product does actually have pigment going through it but coloured fibres that give the colour. it is possible to mix make-up into it or have makeup on your face and then filler but not the other way round the filler sets very fast and in this curent hot weather gives me about a minute. freezing it does give you a bi
  12. I once had something like this before twice first time thed surgeon did a shave excision which left a slight scar, cosmetically acceptable and I never notice It. The second time a different surgeon without my full knowledge because I assumed it would be the same did a fucking full fusiform excision leaving a slight depressed scar, bastard. It was definitely not needed. If you decide to do it get it shaved off and make sure is small. All surgeon will treat this like cancer. Alternately, you van g
  13. hmmm this is intresting. been doing research about thisproduct and i think i have found everything out there, its not much since this product has been known since 2008. good to hear rupert is finding excellent results and some other people but i want to hear more about peoples experiance. how is the colour, i know u get 3 tubes of light or dark but can you mix them to change the tone? this product can be applied over makeup but wouldn't that defeat the point since makeup will never show thr
  14. you do know hydrocortisone thins the skin especially the face. its a well known medical fact.
  15. excision can yeild good results. please do you research as excision involves cutting your skin and suturing it up