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  1. The reason, I asked has to due with the fact many B vitamins can not be found in a vegan diet. Supplementation is not the same as food. So even though you are takin' a B complex, doesn't mean you are getting your getting your daily requirement. I actually ate really healthy as a vegan, but I was very uneducated though. I almost ate no fats and this is were I believe my downfall was.
  2. Hey everyone, I would like your opinion. Can A vegan beat acne? When I started college I turned to an all plant diet. Before this I never had acne in my life. After about two years, I broke out, became really sick, and almost lost my life. I did recover without eating any type of meat, but I could never get rid of my acne. Just Last July, I quit my Vegan lifestyle and decided to give meat a try again. My acne has disappeared and I am finally gaining weight. Is this just by chance or is there so
  3. I was in the same boat. If your skinny, have acne, and dry lips then I wouldn't read many of the articles out there that talk about health. Many of the techniques even on this forum really do not pertain to guys. The only reason they work is because while you are doing these proposed routines you are loosing weight. Once you reach your bottom weight, you break out and the proposed routines don't work anymore. You have to trick your body to gain weight and the first thing you want to get rid of
  4. Just wanted to make sure anyone reading this thread fully reads the thread. The thread starter said water fasting for a week. Not until, his acne disappears. Note: Water fasting is really dangerous and should not be attempted if underweight.
  5. Hey man, its sounds like myself 8 months ago. I tried "purifying" my body with fruits and veges and this only worsened my acne. Now I am eating only meat, high fats, and carbs, no fruits and/or vegetables. Its crazy that I am so clear. I don't worry about eating high fructose corn syrup, and I have a high salt and cholesterol intake. I guess the moral of the story is do not listen to those "Health" freaks and just eat.
  6. Soy does get a beating hear and there, but just like the organic and processed food argument, comes the debate if it is healthy or not. Soy is fine if it is not hydrogenated. Same thing goes for milk. If milk is really untouched by any processing means, then milk is actually beneficial. I'll give that organic foods definitely have a higher grade of quality, but the other 50% of the time its a big scam.
  7. Hey, I agree. Thanks for pointing it out. Not all salts are the same though. I guess moral of the story is make sure you read the labels. I use an organic celery salt that has 180mg of sodium per 1/8 of a tsp. Sorry for not clarifying it when I posted it. As I said, organic products can have very different compositions than regular processed products. For example, Milk has antibiotics which can reduce stomach acids. Organic Milk actually can help increase stomach acid. I don't mean to ke
  8. bosR


    Again, it all matters exactly where it is located and what the acne looks like. What I mean, is where is the puss located. Acne with puss is normally hot acne, red marks and balls are more of cool acne. This is a very intricate topic, very unrealistic unless you under constant watch.
  9. I think redbull actually helps acne. If you are not eating enough and you've been drinking redbull, you will breakout. Caffeine increases stomach acid which helps digestion, so it should help your acne. So when you are drinking redbull is probably the more important factor with acne.
  10. How bad is your acne? It sounds like you are quiting.
  11. bosR


    Great topic. Ya, one of my friend's did a research study at our university about this. Check out this thread, I posted a while back, http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;#entry2265980 And yes, he did find that TCM was right about treating hot with cool and cool with hot. Problem is the source for the hot/cool list is very hard to understand. For example, to diagnose if you are suffering from hot acne, you must look at where you have it. If acne is on your face, then you are sufferi
  12. 1 tsp of salt is about 2500mg of sodium. That's the USRDA for salt intake. With the more organic salts, the less amount of sodium you need. Just take a look at a 100% organic salt. I guess the idea behind it is that the less processed, the more efficient salt is used in your body.
  13. That is how intricate your body is and why it is so hard to get rid of acne. There is too many to count and I believe the idea should be take care of the major ones or the vitamins that bring back balance of other vitamins.
  14. I know that in Iron overdose, bacterial infections are higher. Here is just one study by the Ohio State University. http://www.scienceblog.com/community/older.../200113814.html