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  1. For me, cocoa irritates my skin, but I would probably have to eat more than a couple cookies to see the side effects. If your drinking plenty of water, going to bathroom and eating healthy, and eating some antioxidant foods, it will probably lessen the impact.
  2. Rice doesn't contain gluten, its a grain of its own. However it is still a grain, and grains in general are known to agrivate acne in many people. For me, rice foods don't bother me as bad as wheat does, but it still irritates my skin somewhat. I only eat brown rice, and try to avoid processed rice foods.
  3. I eat on the same pattern as you do - no breakfast, lunch, then afternoon meal, then dinner. I'm a girl so I don't eat quite as much, but I still eat a lot. So long as your eating foods that are healthy, and watching out for inflammatory foods then your good. I do think its good to give your body a break occasionally though, by cutting back on eating. Its good to fast sometimes because it gives your digestive system a break. And digestive health is an important part of controlling acne.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Cooking healthy is kind of a nightmare for me. I still haven't figured out how to actually make vegetables taste good, especially if you're cooking raw veggies. I've tried things like pepper and garlic, ginger, cumin, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, etc but nothing really tastes right. The only succesful recipes I've mastered so far is canned soup, canned chilli, boxed macaroni and cheese, salad, and frozen organic dinners, lol. P.s. I am a vegetarian so I don't eat salmon/st
  5. After eating healthy for a week or even just a few days, my skin heals itself, but I get tired of vegetables and raw foods. After so long I start to feel like a drug addict, you know the overwhelmingly deprived feeling? My problem is I am addicted to certain foods, full of the fatty, salty and sugary tastes. and once you have a bite of it, you just want more and more. Even if I just have a little bit, it could mean a few new pimples the next day. I think it is a psychological problem and maybe
  6. I agree that grains are unecessary to be healthy. At least, not a diet which is solely based on grains (like the food pyramid suggests). I think grains can actually be detrimental to some peoples health if eaten in large quantities. Gluten allergies are predicted to be more common than they are diagnosed or even acknowledged by the person who has it. I remember reading that about 80% of people who have this allergy are undiagnosed, and many people are also unaware they are allergic to wheat (som
  7. I also have been a big pasta and grain eater, and used to have clear skin. Gluten allergies don't always affect acne. A lot of it may have to do with hormones and digestion also. But in general, food allergies can largely effect both of these factors (hormones and digestion). I didn't realize I was intolerant to gluten until the past few months. I always noticed I had a faint headache and dizziness after eating and never realized what it was. I always ate bread and pasta regularly. Then I stop
  8. I have constipation/digestive problem acne too. I've started avoiding breakfast every day, don't eat until 12pm to give my body time to recover from the digestion that occurs during sleep. Also I've been eating more high in fat foods. I do not eat bread or pasta anymore because this is really bad for constipation. I still don't go more than once a day, (once a day is even lucky), but I have had clear skin so far. One thing that helps is eating fermented (soaked) vegetables or foods. They are e
  9. It really depends on the person. Like for example I eat loads of cashews and it doesn't break me out. Some people however might have an effect from cashews or nuts in general. Everybody has a different body chemistry, so what we eat does effect it. But the foods that may help or hurt you really depend on your hormones, digestive system, blood levels, etc. There are lots of complex factors involved. So really there is no diet cure that works for everyone.
  10. I've been clear for a week, yay! What I did: ---------------------------------- Skipped breakfast every day and did not eat until after 12pm. For lunch I have something safe and gluten free. I didn't diet or do anything meticulous, I just ate what I wanted but tried to eat minimally. I allowed myself one junk food item only before bed (because deprivation is difficult). I take probiotics every day (but have been for the past year with no effect on skin). Try to go to the bathroom once every
  11. I don't know exactly a lot about the hormonal part, but I am sure acne involves hormones or an overproduction of them. It also has something to do with our lymphatic system and digestive system not working properly to rid of toxins and junk. The lymphatic system cleans our blood and carries waste, so if the waste cannot be filtered or removed by our digestive organs (like colon and liver) then the waste is carried to our sebacious glands and they mix with the bacteria and sebum then the white bl
  12. Thanks everyone. Your replies were very helpful. I've done a pretty good job eating healthy although I haven't been completely perfect. But at least my diet today is 100% better than it was 2 years ago. But I have a question for all healthy food eaters (who may have eaten a junky diet before): Do you feel sick now whenever you eat junk, whereas before when you ate more of it, your body was more tolerable to it? Because for me, whenever I eat too much junk food like refined carbs, sugars, high
  13. I am trying really hard to avoid the halloween candy. There are two big bags at my home just sitting there. Last night I went crazy and had THREE pieces. just when my skin was starting to get somewhat clear. how do you guys do it? its like everywhere I go people are eating non-acne diet food and it makes me so hungry. bread, pasta, cookies, bagels, sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, etc. all this is junk food yet it seems to be all people eat. For me it is hard to find the time to prep
  14. Thats really terrible news to hear. I hope doctors soon realize that drugs r BAD!
  15. I've noticed that my skin is a direct result of how often I go to the bathroom. The longer I don't go, the worse my acne will be. So I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem, or do you go regularly and still get acne?