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  1. So i had a pustule growing on my chin... I decided to be good and patient and allow the whole thing to naturally run its course. While not too big, the whitehead portion grew and grew and I didn't lay a finger on it for 5 days. Soon the whitehead became a disgusting relatively big hard yellow head... well finally I ran out of patience because I had a job interview in a few hours, so I planned to pop the mofo, figuring that it was a scab by now anyways. To my disbelief underneath was the pimpl
  2. Disgusting update: So woke up again this morning, and behold, the spot was still slightly swollen and purple. The newly formed scab was very weak, and when I nudged my nose I could see yellow pus slightly oozing out from the sides. I was beginning to think that there was still bacteria in the area, and that it was still an active pimple. Anyhow, the weak scab came off and some blood/pus oozed out. So another day of classes, where I dabbed some neosporin on the area the entire day. By the
  3. This post is sorta disgusting, so beware. So by last night when I was changing bandaids on the spot, I noticed that there no longer was any pus coming out, which was good, since it had been like 6 hours since the last time I was seeing pus. But when I woke up this morning and took off the band-aid I did notice some sort of pus-like liquid on the band-aid. I'm not sure if the spot decided to expel some last remaining pus randomly throughout the night, or whether it was actually the liquid that
  4. Thanks for the responses. My question is, should I refrain from giving a gentle squeeze to re-drain the area of pus every now and then? Because when I do, I am essentially re-opening the break in skin... Instead I could hope that the forming pus will get internally dealt with (as with most minor cysts that never come to a head) - I would be assuming that the new pus is coming from the dying cyst. The last thing I want to do though is allow it to get into re-birth mode. I'm a little paranoid
  5. About six days ago I felt a cystic pimple forming on the side of my nose... haven't really had one in two years. Anyways I started putting a bunch of BP on it whenever I had the chance, and made sure not to pick at it. The first few days it became much more red and swollen, but started to subside after about 4 days. I could see it developing into a whitehead with pus forming on one part of the swollen area. Anyhow again I put a bunch of BP on it, and in the morning, I could see that the pus
  6. Throughout a few years I've had occasional major acne on my nose... regrettably I popped many of them prematurely and now I'm left with fleshcolored raised scars on my nose... Anyhow, it's been many years and they're still visible (under certain lighting). I read about the possibly of them being enlarged oil glands, but my dermatologist said that they weren't and were just scars. Anyhow, I heard about how electrocautery works for enlarged oil glands... would they also work for getting rid of j