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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply! Have been tested and have mild PCOS. Also am taking Yazmin currently. I'm going to keep trying things, something has to work!
  2. Hi! I was on a 20mg dose of accutane a few years ago. My acne was quite bad before and especially during the treatment so it took a little over a year before I could come off it. Unfortunately the results didn't last for me and is still a problem, but for most people it seems to work wonders! I think stay away from the high dose and bad side effects, even if it means you have to stay on the drug for longer.
  3. Hi! I have had acne for about 5/6 years now, and I'm 20. Went on accutane for a little over a year when I was 15/16, a difficult experience, but it cleared up for a year or so until it came back. At the beginning of this year I went on birth control as we suspected it was hormonal. Haven't seen much improvement and have recently had a big flare up. Feeling like I've tried the last two resorts out there! Not sure where to go from here, and if there is any hope to get rid of it? Also if anyone