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  1. KITKAT24, I've been taking the Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo too. This is my fourth week, supposedly the week that I start my period, but I haven't started yet. Anyway, I had really big cysts all over my right cheek, like seven of them!! But most disappeared. Now I still have a few big cysts, including this HUGE one on my chin. But I think that this will work. I in about two three months my skin will be a lot clearer. Good luck~~~
  2. SHORTEE, Thanks for your concern. I am actually not taking the pills. I took them for about three weeks and stopped taking them as I started taking the birth control pills. I hope I am progressing!!!!! Wish me good luck!!!
  3. DAY 17 Hey, guys~ This is my third week taking Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I've been doing one additional thing on top of taking BCPills and I don't know which one caused it, but I think my skin is getting better! A few months ago, I had bought something called Nature's Cure and never used it. In it had pills to take and a 5% BP cream. For the past two weeks or so, I've been putting on that cream at night and mix it with my Neutrogena Oil Free Moistrizer in the morning. And many of the big pimpl
  4. I really have deep faith in controlling my acne with the birth control pills. I also believe that different pills will work differently with different people. I am a little scared, too, because of all the negative reactions people have on Orth Tri Cyclen Lo. And my skin seems to be worse in terms of color and the amount of big acne (cysts). I have unusually a lot of cysts on my right cheek and that makes my skin look like crap, but my overall skin didn't worsen due to the BCPs. My docto
  5. To Acnehater, when did your boobs start growing? Was it immediately or after a few weeks? Did anyone else experience that with their pills, too? Also, did anyone experience weight gain with Ortho Lo? Hmm... Today's my 10th day since taking Ortho Lo, and so far my skin is pretty horrible. On my right cheek, I have about eight big pimples that are growing from inside, as well as lots and lots of (I've always had them) tiny ones like whiteheads and blackheads. However, I also notice that my s
  6. I started on Ortho Lo a week ago, and I'm starting to break out pretty badly. But my doctor told me that my skin will get worse for the next 1 or 2 months, so I'm gonna stick to it and see how it goes... Anyway, I have a question: Is it ok for me to take the pill a few hours apart? For example, if I take it at 5:00pm today, can I take it around 6:00pm and be ok? Because sometimes it's really hard to take the medication at exact same time. Thanks gals~ And good luck to all of you taking BC
  7. OK, so I had my PAP on Friday, and my period started on Saturday, so I just had my first pill. It was kind of funny because the pill was SOOOOO~~ tiny!!! I can't believe that tiny little pill will actually prevent someone from getting pregnant, although I'm not sexually active so it's not my concern. Anywayz~ I'll see how it goes and update as I see any kind of progress. Hope this works..
  8. I had my PAP yesterday at my college health center, and my doctor prescribed Orthotricyclen Lo for me. She looked at my acne and said this is definitely hormonal. She said that my face will get worse in the first couple of months and then will start to clear up. I've had acne since 5th grade and I really want to get rid of it!!! Anyway, can you guys share your experiences with this medication (and others?) I also searched for BC and saw the past posts, but I want to hear newer thoughts an
  9. I have pep this Friday for the first time I'm so scared!!! My school doctor thinks my acne is due to hormonal inbalance as well, so I'm gonna try BC even though I'm a virgin... (My fiancee and I are waiting until we're married and he occasionally jokes that my skin might clear if we have sex... Hehe~) Anyway, how long did it take for you to see results with Yasmin? How expensive are BC pills per month? Hope this works well for me too. I've had acne since 5th grade and nothing has really wor
  10. You know.. I felt the exact same pain when I was taking that a few months ago, and decided that it just wasn't worth the pain. It took me about a week for me to realize it was Erythromycin. I had summer school and had a hard time because of the stomach pain. I kept drinking 7-Up, thinking that might help, but didn't help. The pain went away in four-five hours and then by the time I was completely better, it was time to take the medicine for night!!! Anyway, my doctor had said that if the pa
  11. Do you need doctor's prescription in order to purchase birth control pills?
  12. I met a doctor at my college to talk about my period irregularity and I also mentioned about my acne, which I had since 5th grade. Well.. surprisingly, she recommended that I take birth control pills to regulate my hormone which would in result regulate my period cycle, and would also clear my skin. My question is, 1. Is it safe to take birth control pills even though I'm not sexually active? 2. Does it sound pretty reasonable that if my hormone is balanced my skin will be clear?
  13. Thanks JC for explaining SWF=salt water flush!!! I should've known!!!!!! Anywayz~ I wanted to thank all of you here, too, for all the information and support and comfort that you've given me... Even though I don't pass any stones after the 25 that I passed, my stomach keeps rumbling.. so I don't know what that is!!! Even as I'm typing this!!!! O:) Anyway, next time I do my flush, I don't think I'll go on an apple juice fasting, but just light breakfast and lots of apple juice...