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  1. I've only officially been on the regimen for a month or so, and initially I got dry, but after switching moisturizers to something richer (Nivea rich day care in the day and regenerating night care at night) I stopped seeing the flakes. After that, I started to see substantial improvement for about a week, but just this week (which, I believe, is the second week I've been using the full amount of BP) I have noticed 5 new zits! So far only one of them has progressed to a pustule, but they're al
  2. When my cousin was younger, he came down with the chicken pox. When my uncle joked "Don't worry, it's not so bad. You just look like a teenager now". When he said "Why?" and my uncle replied "You know, lots of teenagers get pimples" he was like "Yeah, like (squirrel)". I wasn't exactly offended since I didn't deny the fact that I had acne, but it kind of reminded me that it's more noticeable than I think. I tend not to think about my skin unless I'm either looking at it or touching it, but
  3. I was using Proactiv oil-free moisturizer. Just yesterday I bought a small tub of Nivea Visage regenerating night care and applied it before going to bed, and I think it helped a little, but I still see some flaky patches. Regarding the transition to 2/3 a finger, I was using 1/3 for the first week and then transitioned to 2/3. Is that too quick?
  4. Hey everyone, I've only been on the regimen for a little over a week (using Panoxyl 5% BP cleanser [which I will ditch once I'm out of it, but I bought it before I knew about the regimen and I hate to waste things], Proactiv repairing lotion and Proactiv oil-free moisturizer). I moved not yet a week ago from a very humid climate to a very dry one, and I've just transitioned to 2/3 a finger of BP. Just today, I noticed that the fine lines in my forehead and around my eyes seemed noticeably def
  5. I liked it, but the one thing I don't like about teen comedies is they only seem to give "nerds" hope if they're male. There are a lot of movies where unconventionally good looking guys hook up with very typically "hot" women. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, but to me it sort of sends the message "Men, you never have to settle! Women, if you're not hot, no one's going to want you, not even the men you think are 'in your league', even they can do better!". Of course, I h
  6. I think the very first time I heard the word "zit" was on "Full House". DJ had a zit and it was making her so self-conscious that she didn't want to go to school. Then when she finally went to school, she constantly went to the bathroom to check out the zit. She realized how many other girls were in the bathroom checking out their zits too. She diffused the situation by saying "Hey, anybody wanna play connect the dots?" and everyone laughed and she wasn't as self conscious after that. Nice
  7. Did you not read where I said I realized it was very mean? I'm usually far more considerate (as you've noted if you have read ANY of my other posts). Now I'm more pleasant and ask if they learned tact.
  8. Haven't started the regimen yet and am still debating on whether the shipping charges are worth paying for Dan's products or whether I should start the regimen using drugstore OTC products. What does everyone else do?
  9. As it is, I hardly wear makeup at all and it did start for this reason (couldn't work it into my workout schedule without having to wash my face 3x a day). I'm still a college student now but I'll be graduating in a couple years, and I'm doing a work term for my degree next summer. As my major is business (accounting to be specific) I think "professional" dress and appearance will be required when I start working. I say "professional" in quotes because in my experience "look professional" mea
  10. How many of you have just had random people tell you what you should do about your acne? I try to remember that these people have good intentions and think they're being helpful, but it's a constant reminder of how noticeable my acne is. My experiences: - Cashier at Wal-Mart asks "Can I make a suggestion?" My first thought was that she was going to tell me that if I bought more of something I had bought I would get a discount, or something else regarding my purchase (which, by the way, did n
  11. That will be a problem for me as well once I start the regimen. Because my workouts are classes and not just going to the gym, they're at a specific time, (5:30 or 6:00 pm) which does not coincide well with a morning and night regimen schedule. Another challenge is that doctors say that sweating while wearing makeup will clog your pores, so if I've worn makeup to work or school that day, I'll need to remove it before exercising. This will probably move the BP and moisturizer as well, but reap