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  1. I found a good conditioner that I wanna start with = "VO5 Lavender Luster Conditioner" I just have a few questions .. 1) Will this work for semi-curly/wavy hair? My hair isn't straight .. but its not curly-curly. Its inbetween. 2) My hair is really oily .. especially the roots. And I wash my hair everyday because of it. Will this method help make my hair NOT so oily? 3) How do I wean myself into using no shampoo? And then how many times a week do I just wash with conditioner? I'm a little
  2. Aw. Yeah. It took me a LONG time to find the perfect foundation. Right now I'm using some of MAC's studio fix concealer (NW 20), Colorstay (normal/dry skin - even though I'm oily LOL) in 150 BUFF, and Coty Translucent Powder Extra Coverage. I love this combination, it works so well for me. I'm also using Everyday Minerals (which you can only order online, so you might consider this) and its a creamy powder mineral foundation. I really like it. Free Sample kit (2 foundations, 1 concealer and 2
  3. Have you tried Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask?!?! I have it on my face right now for the first time. It's exciting. It smells like gum/toothepaste and I actually like it lolol This is the first mask I've EVER tried.
  4. I LOVE COSTCO! I just like bulk shopping :] I know they sell Kirkland makeup there but I'm not sure about other brands of makeup. Check out their site though to give you an idea: Costco I haven't been there in awhile - now I wanna go. I gotta go there to check out the makeup now! Even though I got another Colorstay today and I'm getting my EM
  5. I used it awhile ago and it was okay. It didn't seem to really help my acne, or make it worse. If you want coverage, this isn't it. It's very light, which was good for toning down redness and if you want just a bit of makeup to even out your face. I'm not a huge fan of Neutrogena products. Right now I use ColorStay w/ Coty Powder and I'm in the process of getting my EM. If you wanna try it, you should. If I remember its only like 6$ at CVS. Check out Makeup Alley for more reviews on it.
  6. Aw man. I ordered my kit yesterday! I e-mailed them anyway, its worth a shot :] My order says shipped though :[
  7. Hey there girl! :) I looked at your signature with your new regimen and im glad you took my advice. Good Luck!

  8. If you have a Sephora (maybe even an Ulta) near you .. I would suggest you ask them for a sample. I use the DDF 10% Glycolic Toner and asked them for a sample before I bought it. They gave me a sample which lasted me about 3 days .. but I think with a cream it should last a bit longer. You can try it out to see if it leaves any white streaks on your face. Just go to the Sephora Website and under Brand Names click on "DDF" and then on the left hand side click on FACE and then it should be rig
  9. Thanks guys for your help. I'm going to try out everyones suggestions and see which one I like best. I'm just waiting for my Kit to come so I can get my brushes and silk dust! I did the 2nd shipping (forgot how many days that is but its 5.94) so hopefully it will come faster. Thanks again.
  10. I got my sample kit last week and I'm pretty sure Fairly Light Neutral is my perfect fit. I also got some samples that were a little lighter (multi-tasking, and fair medium) .. those were a little TOO light though, which I was suprised. If the FLN turns out to be too dark (with 2 applications) then I'll just mix some with some old Bare Minerals Mineral Veil or some Coty Powder .. I have A LOT of loose powders LOL Anywho, this thread FINALLY got me to order EM! I like the creamy texture of it a
  11. I have some samples of EM that I'm trying out. The color match is pretty good, but I can't seem to get enough coverage with it. I'm using my BM Kabuki and Concealer brush until my Everyday Kit comes from EM (for the brushes I got the concealer and premium kabuki). How do you get the coverage? I though my scars/redmarks would be easy to cover .. but I guess not. I have fair skin and my scars are pinkish .. and not to-to noticable .. but noticable. How can I use all of these to cover my red