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  1. So I still have the lumps. Its not just swelling I'm pretty sure its actual filler. It looks so weird and looks like I have acne again when Im actually completely clear I have a follow up appointment with her on tuesday, which will be 14 days from the day of injections. This truly sucks because I almost wish I never even touched my face. Anyways, Im thinking about getting it dissolved, although the more I become obsessed and read things on real self about hyaluronidase, the more I get nervous a
  2. Thank you @beautifulambition you honestly made me feel a little better. Have YOU personally ever gotten lumps after acne scar filler? I just want to know that this has happened before to someone else and that it went away.. because yes theres tons of people on real self that report lumps but thats usually for under eye filler and lips, I haven't found really any posts from anyone who specifically got acne scars filled, and had lumps after. Also I know right now its so hard for me to just think
  3. Okay so heres my story, Im a long-time lurker here, Ive posted probably once or twice though, but Im back. So to make a long story short.. I always had pimples growing up but they were never severe and never left scarring. About a year and a half ago I started to get pretty terrible cystic acne out of nowhere (which I now know was considered "hormonal acne" which can happen to women starting their mid-twenties). I mean, they were huge cysts that took months to go away and were leaving indented s
  4. Thank you! As an update: I think its just post inflammatory hyper pigmentation from the injection site, hopefully it fades soon. Yesterday I went out and put a tiny bit of make up on it and it actually looked AWESOME! No indent or shadow AT ALL! It was very shallow to begin with and he said he put the TINIEST drop of filler in it , but wow that tiny drop completely took away the depth of the scar! I don't have any bruising or swelling, no bump either. I take back what I said about having "mixed
  5. Thanks for everyone who has replied! I actually wanted to update and say that I was finally able get spiro prescribed via my OBGYN ! She asked if I got a blood test (which I did) and she didn't even care about the testosterone levels what she was asking me about was if my potassium levels were normal, which they were! So she went ahead and prescribed me the spiro. When I went to pick it up I was shocked to find that she actually prescribed me 100 mg. Which is a rather high dose especially for so
  6. I saw Dr. Novick for the first time yesterday. I know he is very knowledgeable and one of the best acne scar specialists in the Northeast, because I've been following him and his answers on real self, and reading these posts on acne.org for quite some time now... but I have a bit of mixed feelings about him. I went in with the intentions of having subcision. He didn't even want to touch my face at all and said my scars are all healing and will eventually lift on their own. I respect his opinion,
  7. Hey everyone.. I was wondering if someone could help me with some advice for spironolactone. Im a 24-year old woman who FIRMLY believes my acne is hormonal. Like most of us, I've had acne in my teens (nothing severe but more than the usual teen), and I've always learned to just deal with it. I've been to derms, they've prescribed my topicals and all that jazz . The only thing that sort of made a difference was going on birth control (tri-sprintec) at around age 18 for treatment of acne. Now t
  8. So yeah i think I'm just going to cancel my consult with Dr. Marotta on L.I. and just go take the train to NYC to Novick. Who knows maybe this Dr. Marotta could have been a hidden gem but I realized I don't really want to take a gamble on that. At least I know Novick is good from all his reviews and thanks to @QuanHenry !! Im prepared that he's gonna be expensive, but the cost will most likely be worth it if it'll get me to stop obsessing over my scars every 5 seconds of my life ! Ill keep every
  9. Hello everyone! Im new here but i've been a lurker on this website for months now.. after obsessively searching scar treatments and reading SO many posts on here, I finally decided to create a post. Im planning to get my atrophic scars treated once and for all. Ive tried just about every topical under the sun (ones that claim to get rid of scars) .. I'm done doing that, it's clear that topicals do nothing for ATROPHIC scars (maybe hypertrophic but not the indents). As far as scar treatments, I h