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  1. week 11 : MY SKIN CLEARED UP SO MUCH THANKS LORDDD !! I decided to take my 4 days break since I was spotting again. After I got my period, my skin cleared up soooo much ! I realized that because I was taking Yaz continuously (no white pills), I was stuck in a kind of PMS. That's probably why I was getting pimples non stop. I also began to use one of my favorite product again that I stopped using because I wanted the simplest skincare routine possible. It is called Ultimune or something like that
  2. Pour ma part, je suis moins fan des remèdes de grand-mère et produits naturels pour traiter l'acné parce que leur efficacité n'a pas été prouvé scientifiquement et parce qu'on ne peut pas vraiment prévoir l'effet que ca aura sur notre peau... Pour la pelure de banane, je ne crois pas que ca soit vraiment risqué mais je ne crois pas que tu auras grands résultats avec ca... As-tu essayé le peroxide de benzoyl ? C'est une crème que tu peux facilement trouvé à la pharmacie et qui est très efficace
  3. Yeah... I am a vegetarian but I'll try to cut diairies and I'll see !
  4. Well with your scientific background and Research you should be acne Free!:) Hahaha it would the greatest thing ! I'm taking the contraceptive again so it should help. And you know what ? I think you said something right, I didn't try any of your idea, so I'm gonna try one. One of mine and one of yours. If diaries cause acne, how long should I stop to see results on my skin in your opinion ?
  5. Question 1: What is the link between scientific background and the fact of beeing careless ? Where is the carelessness in my post ? Question 2 and 3: What are the vitamins especially made for skin ? In the composition of those vitamins, what make those good for skin especially ? How do they act ? On wich molecules and cells in the skin do they have an impact ? What are your references ? Is there a scientific approach on those studies ? Is this approach objective at 100%. Is it reliable ? Is t
  6. I don't know if any of your friends has a Ph.D related to this field of study but if it's not the case, I would rather trust the scientific evidences that mostly all leads to the conclusion that there's no PROVEN link between food and acne that your random friends who may use suspicious references. Again, there is no PROVEN link. It doesn't mean that there's no link at all, but we are talking about moderate/severe acne here, not a pimple or two. So in those case, it is rather recommended to use
  7. Hi, foods rarely cause your skin to break out. No proven link has been discovered between the food that you ingest versus skin condition, except for those having PCOS and who may have insulin resistance. Have you been tested for PCOS ? Often, people with PCOS don't respond well to acne treatment like antibiotics or topical creams. What kind of birth control are you on ? Birth control like Yasmin or Yaz contain a pregestative called drospirenone, a derivative of Spironolactone. Spironolactone
  8. You need to stop using the Adapalene and go see your physician or pharmacist. It may be an allergic reaction. If so, you can buy hydrocortisone cream 1% at the drugstore that will help with the inflammation and dryness. Put this on the affected areas twice a day morning and night until the swelling goes down.
  9. Topical retinoids like Retin-A can effectively reduce scarring because it is enhancing cells turnover. Ask your physician for it
  10. Hello With the scientific background that I have I don't think the products suggested by AhaGuru can be effective for your kind of acne, that seems moderate/severe because widespread. You say that you have problematic skin since as long you can remember. That seems pretty hormonal to me. If I were you, I would have my doctor test me for PCOS. You said that you've tried anything for your skin to get better. Did you try any oral contraceptives ?
  11. Baking soda and lemon are not products that can really help with acne in my opinion because those are highly acidic products that can trigger inflammation on your skin and so worsen acne... Betadine is an antiseptic product that is used to treat superficial wounds. It won't really help with acne neither because it isn't targetting the bacteria causing acne. Finally, aloe vera is a soothing product that can be usefull if your skin is inflammed or irritated. This product can possibly be helpful f
  12. End of week 9 : I began to experience some heavy spotting again -_-. I also had a couple of whiteheads on my chin that were gone within a day or two. They still left pretty big red spots though. It seems like the acne is worse when I'm spotting. Week 10 : Spotting is continuing. I decided to take my 4 days break. I have one big pimple that is coming on the mouth area . I also have a couple little ones coming on my cheek area and temple : I never had pimple there so I'm a bit disappointed. My
  13. Hi, I'm currently having a lot of trouble with my skin and I though it could be good for my mental health to discuss of my recent struggles with people that can actually understand what I'm going through. English isn't my mother language so forgive me if there is some mistakes in my sentence's structure I was on the contraceptive pill since I'm 14 years old. I began with Alesse but it wasn't strong enough for me to make my periods regular. I switched to Yaz and I never had any problems wi
  14. In Canada it isn't. I work in a drugstore over the counter and I checked on our pharmaceutical wholesaler's website yesterday :).