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  1. I had acne throughout my teen years and all the way till I was 34. As I got older, the worst my acne got. I tried everything you can name...except birth control, until I was 34. From the day I started taking birth control, that was the day my acne stopped. Coincidence? I dunno. I was on it for 2 years and was afraid of what would happen if I had stopped taking them. Unfortunately i got diagnosed with pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs) which was caused from hormones in the bcp. I had no
  2. First of all, congratulations on losing 60lbs! That is fantastic. So already, you are doing something right. I can totally relate because as I type, I've been trying to resist the chocolate chip cookies that are in my kitchen. I've been contemplating it all day yesterday and all of today so far. So I can understand what cravings can do to one's will power. One thing that I have learned of myself is that it is torture to crave something that I cannot have. I refuse to live this way, therefore, i
  3. Hi, I actually bought this e-book, and then returned it for a full refund because it was total bs. The information in the e-book was inconsistant and contradicting from one area to the next. However, I understand how you feel and it may work for you. So I've extracted the basic information you are looking for... 1. He suggests to take either Barley Grass or Wheat Grass 2. Omega fats like fish oil, borage oil, or evening primrose 3. Vitamine E Don't ask me what these are and where to buy thes
  4. Try bare minerals. It's a loose powder and it's all natural. I also have extremely oily skin by the end of the day, but the bare minerals does not cake on like liquid makeup so your face does not feel like it's running by the end of the day. very nice.
  5. Could be Karma? You have a girlfriend, but you don't like her, you keep her around anyways because you are too lonely (selfish) and you tried to pick up a couple of other girls behind her back. They rejected you and you feel worthless. Perhaps they rejected a jerk and not a guy with acne?