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  1. Hey friend so at the moment I never really felt better... The problem did come back not as severely as previously due to potentially using Differin and later witch hazel... I did go back to the clinic and she used a laser called the k laser this time and it didn't really have the affect it did the first time I went. She tells me it's because the wavelength was different I am fairly certain she used the pico sure laser though. She wants me to get a blood test done and stool. Also I saw m
  2. Okay so it is for sure Roseaca and fungi, those bumps are a form of rosecea apparently, I got treated today by the picosure laser and it's done a commendable job I don't want to jinx it and it's not fully resolved but it has thinned down the bumps. Also I got a private prescription and have been ordered to do bloodtests. God all these years I wish I had found this dermatologist. Appreciate the kindness and support I was so full of anxiety and stress never the less thank you beautifulambiton