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  1. Have you tried accitane? It's the only thing that worked for me.
  2. Thank you! I am beside myself. It's just amazing to see something work. It's small but man it feels soooooo good!! I really recommend getting atleast one professionally done so that you know what your skin can take, how long it should sit and how to do it, before putting acid on it.
  3. Soooo this is day 6 of a 30% tca peel from makeup artists choice and I can see the difference!!!!! Peel number 2 - I'm in the same light. It's been so long since I've done something that has moved the needle so any difference is monumental to me. I'm going to keep doing it.
  4. This was the best lighting to match. I do see a difference not anything specifically just overall better.its going to take time.
  5. The peel was pretty weak. I'd liken it to a very light sunburn peel. It mostly just dried my skin out, nothing major. I've had a hard time taking post peel pics because it has been overcast and cloudy most days here. I can tell a slight difference, more in skin texture vs. scars softening or pores being less noticeable. I'm going to try a higher percentage peel. A girl recommended a different dermatologist here that is able to code chemical peels as acne treatment to insurance. I have an ap
  6. Post 25% peel 2.5 hours later. I was told I needed 2 vials, barely frosted and have a thick, strong dermis. It stung but it was not unbearable at all.
  7. I got for the first peel on Tuesday. Will update with photos then, maybe in a different thread. I do also have acne scars, but unfortunately/fortunately the way my pores are setup...they aren't as noticeable. They are clearly overshadowed by the pores. Pic of other scar - in low lighting tho
  8. Has anyone had success with microneedling with enlarged pores? I have a consultation scheduled on Monday for a TCA Peel @25%. Will report back and def share post consult.
  9. I can't tell in this light what you are dealing with exactly, but you can check out my first post and see my skin. I had 2 sessions of fraxel. It was a couple years ago so I couldn't tell you what setting it was on, but I can tell you for me unfortunately, it was an expensive worthless investment. I had high hopes for it too.
  10. It absolutely was micro! Duhhh can't believe I was typing dermabrassion the whole time. I'm on a comp today not my phone, so there won't be an auto correct issue. I was doubtful about the microdermabrassion, but she threw it in after a facial as a "bonus". I didn't notice a difference. I'm looking into the peels and I'm leaning towards a Jessner and/or TCA . I plan to get them done professionally at least once so I can get a feel for them and then perhaps continue on my own at home if they
  11. Thank you for sharing! Do you have any before and after pics? I'm afraid of them getting bigger. My understanding of pores is that they are like an upside down ice cream cone. I'm afraid that if I go deeper, the pore will be wider, but maybe they will smooth out and not cast as much of a shadow? I had an esthetician perform the dermabrasion. I peeled from it but, it definately not months of healing. It was light in comparison to that. it look maybe a week.
  12. Are you saying microneedle myself and then add botox? I read about botox before and thought it would help. When I was on accutane my pores were amazing. Not quite invisible, but I could live with it. I feel like a freak at their current state. I used 15% TCA to start. I was afraid to go deeper, since it's a pore, I'm afraid it will make them bigger.
  13. Finally I would ask you post two places: one is realself.com and have doctors give adviceand goto reddit.com and search for [removed] Thank you! Thank you for the feedback. I am back on the retanoid because I went in for Accutane and they refused me. At one point I had cystic acne but that is gone. They insisted on this. It doesn't help but thought I would give it one more go. What is topical botox? I think I read about it maybe 5-6 years ago where the botox is injected closer to the su
  14. I have tried TCA, dermabrassion, glycolic and went for 2 sessions of fraxel. I have been using tazarotene for 60 days and there is where I'm at. Cetaphill for a cleanser, moisturize at night. I've heard olive oil works but I'm afraid it will make it worse.