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  1. I can't comment on your scars. But I can commenton using accutane. I was on Accutane on-and-off during the years when I was 18-25. I'm not a person with many regrets in life. But if I do have one regret it's the use of Accutane. It has without a doubt done much worse for my skin than good. It has ruin my skin forever. But also my eyes, nose and lips. And on top I that, I have a strong beliefs that it has changed something chemical in my brain. I have talk to numerous of other users of accutane t
  2. I am getting into that age where hair are starting to grow on my back. Some months ago I tried a wax treatment, which was great, but very bad for my acne. Weeks after I had more acne than ever on my back. Things are now back to "normal", but it was quite scary. What can I use to prevent this? Thanks, Daniel
  3. Hi. I only trim my beard, but after trimming, I can still get some redness and overall irritated skin. What can you guys recommend for less redness and irritation right after trimming my beard? Thanks, Daniel
  4. I have just orderd some Corel soap bars. Can't wait. I was just wondering how I would use this soap with Dan's regimen...Would this soap replace his cleanser or do I just use the cleanser like normal and then wash my face aftwerwards with this soap?
  5. Hi. My skin gets very oily and shiny. What are the best ways to get around this? Im using Dan's regimen, which help my acne, but not really the problem above. Thanks, Daniel
  6. @Brandy I certainly got more irritation in the my facial areas. But the breakouts in the pictures really happens all over my face...In my forehand, on my nose, next to my nose, around my lips, like the pictures shows.... And like I wrote, these breakouts can come very quickly and also go away within a week or so...Its not like my acne that is more constant.... It just boogles my mind....
  7. I have used Nizoral before , but that was only for my hair/scalp...Can I safely try it in the face too?
  8. It should be noted that I have been on roaccutane on and off for 6 years...when I was 18 till 24.. Its probably my biggest regret in life, but cant do anything about it now... I was just wondering if these breakouts can be from a sideeffect from using roaccutane?
  9. HI All. I have used DKR for years with pretty good results, but sometimes my skin goes crazy and breaks out with some wired spots...My skin can go from being very good and 3-4 days later be like my pics.... I get these wthite spots all over the place..even around my mouth which can be very annoying.. Can anyone explain why this happens? Does anyone else experience this? Can it be some kind of allergi reaction to certain things? Thanks, Daniel
  10. Lol..I have one looking exactly the same and at the same spot..
  11. What do people do that dont have a bathtubs? I only have a shower, so....