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  1. Sorry about the above post. I hit the wrong button In answer to your question, I used the Obagi Clenziderm line. As I said, for me the Netrogena works better and is much less harsh but I still don't have 100% clearing even with that. I tried Keflex which didn't work so my derm just prescribed Bactim and Benzaclin. I haven't started yet since I am afraid of the side effects of Bactrim so I am working up my courage. I am glad the Clenziderm worked for you. I just want to warn people who ar
  2. I took cephalexin, generic for Keflex. It didn't do anything for my breakouts. Good news is I had no side effects. I made sure to eat yogurt with probiotics every day to avoid the intestinal issues and yeast infections women can get with antibiotics. I really wish it had worked for me since I tolerated it so well. My derm just switched me to Bactrim and I am scared to take it because of fear of side effects and you have to be careful not to be in the sun.
  3. My derm had me on 500 mg Keflex 2x a day. I had no side effects from it but saw no improvement either. He just switched me to Bactrim. I am leery of taking it because I have read some people can have insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks on this med. Has this happened to anyone? I know what works for one may not work for another, but does this drug have a good track record of clearing acne? I thought Keflex was one of the strongest antibiotics and wonder if Bactrim will work if even the Kef
  4. steffy


    I used the Clenziderm and it made my breakouts worse. My skin burned, was red, horribly dry and my breakouts went from flesh colored bumps to beet red breakouts. This was more irritating than 10% bp. The 2.5% Neutrogena bp works best for me and is MUCH cheaper. Congrats on your success, but this is not a product that is a hands down winner for many. Many have had problems with this product and it is WAY too overpriced like all Obagi. Worst product I have used to date. Really hated this one.
  5. Congratulations on finding something that works for you and posting your results but it is true that some people, myself included, experienced horrible results from this product. I purchased this from skincare rx.com. My face did turn beet red and burned like fire! My breakouts became worse-more numerous and rather than being flesh colored bumps they became red and therefore more noticable. My skin also became much more dry than it did on 10% bp, even though the Clenziderm is only 5%. I als
  6. Can Finacea be used with BP? If so, which goes on first, the Finacea or the BP? Or do you use one in the a.m. and one in the p.m.?
  7. I have some red marks on my cheeks left from breakouts. I don't have cystic acne, just small to med size bumps that sometimes turn red, sometimes stay flesh color. But some leave red marks. I am going to try SKinoren 20% azeliac acid to get rid of the redness left from the breakouts. How long will it take for the redness to go away on the Skinoren? From what I read this is the same as Azelex and Finacia except Finacia is 15% instead of 20%. Anyone that has used any of these please respond.
  8. This made my skin SOOO much worse! I was using 10% BP but it was too drying. I started using Dan's regimine with Neutrogena's SA cleanser and Neutrogena On The Spot 2.5% BP. My skin was doing pretty well, but I had a few breakouts still and some residule red marks on my cheeks. I decided to try the Clenziderm. OH MY GOD, it burned like fire! I was hoping the feeling would subside but it kept burning. My face turned beet red. Again I was hoping this would go away by morning (I applied bef
  9. I have been lurking and reading this site for awhile and this thread caused me to register so I could post. Hope no one minds another newbie What "adam" doesn't seem to realize it there are many who don't have the money to see a derm or cannot afford prescription drugs. Even those with health insurance have a co pay for doctor visits and/ or a deductible that must be paid out of pocket before the insurance pays anything. Why not start with the simplest method like Dan's Regimine? The antib