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    Current Favorite Musical Group: Eisley<br /><br />Current Favorite Movie: Saw <br /><br />Current Favorite Actor/Actress: Natalie Portman or Shawnee Smith<br /><br />Current Favorite TV Show: The Office<br /><br />Current Favorite Video Game: Guitar Hero or Halo.<br /><br />Current Favorite Book: Twilight or New Moon
  1. okay i think my grandmother has a few extra back scrubbers, ill c if she can give me one. thanks!
  2. okay thank you so much, ill go try it out
  3. alright thank you so much, im going to try out all these things and post if they work for me or not again, thanks, and if you can think of anything else then ill try it out. (btw- im seriously considering buying the stuff... dan's stuff since you all seem to like it so much...)
  4. ARH i dont know... is burning right now as im surfing the web, so i just thought to ask... what are some signs of sensitive skin? my skin burns with my moisturizer (neutrogena oxygenating... fizzer... moisturizer... something like that ) my skin is red, has been for as long as i can remember, but i think its cause of all the caffeine i drink (im addicted to dr.pepper) so... is there anything i should know? OH and also my skin flakes around my nose... i think i may be sunburned but im not to
  5. mk thanks. you're the first to respond even tho ive said this on like fifty boards lolz. but yeah thanks ill look into it.
  6. To the BP he offers? I mean, i know about the netrogena on-the-spot treatment, but is there another? do i basically need anything with 2.5% BP in it?
  7. oooo really? i was wondering about that too the other day... im goth so i wear a ton of makeup and i love to go swimming... kind of a pain with the eyeliner... so ive been wearing waterproof eyeliner and i was wondering if there was any waterproof foundation... so yeah is the revlon colourstay good with sensitive skin?
  8. my grandma used to work for johnson and johnson (until they took her position away... grr) anyways, she'd get a lot of free stuff in the mail or from work, like sample sized things. of course, being the PACKRAT she is, she's kept it all over the years. so... i dunno, what you said hasnt shocked me as it did to you. she has this one closet filled with bags and drawers of forever old lotions, creams, makeups, everything. anything that says 'j & j' on it we've got loads of. for free too... mu
  9. i dunno.. all i know is my cleanser fizzes so i like it... it says 'oxygenated' so i as wondering... it also makes certan parts of my skin feel smoother in a way.... i dunno... JUST WONDERING
  10. OKAY... mine isnt really terrible... i maybe have just some bumps around my shoulders, but i still want em gone... i mean, im sick of living in texas and not being able to wear a wife beater... OKAY HERES THE 411... god i feel nerdy when i say that... OKAY SO, its like teeny bumps... if i put my hand to rest on my shoulder, the fingers bending over it, THATS where it is, normally its bad on one side, then switches. normally theres one or two big ones at a time, but all the others are around the