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  1. Thanks for updating! I’m following your journey!! Did your derm mention how many months he/she wanted to keep you on Accutane for?
  2. Your reaction looks perfectly normal for a mild peel. You don’t look burned nor do I think the redness will last longer than a week. It was a very superficial peel so I’m sure the redness will improve rather quickly. @beautifulambition gave good advice although with a mild peel like this, you don’t need a thick moisturizer or emollient. For peels like this, I suggest a thin layer of Vanicream, Cetaphil moisturizer or CeraVe.
  3. You can likely swim again when your face isn’t sensitive. Chlorine can be drying so just make sure you are following a routine that keeps your skin moisturized. You’re fine to get your ears pierced.
  4. Applying Vaseline or another emollient will actually help the healing process along. Your wound is likely very superficial so technically you don’t need an emollient, but I always suggest one because it helps soothe that tight feeling you described. Heaviness usually indicates that there’s some swelling. Just for your reference, I had an extremely aggressive peel done and I felt heaviness in certain areas for a good month post-peel. That heavy feeling should certainly dissipate by the weeke
  5. Nothing sounds abnormal or concerning to me about your reaction from 60% Glycolic. Aquaphor is by far the best thing you can use on a fresh wound but Vaseline works too. The one reason I tell people to err on the side of caution with Aloe Vera is because a lot of Aloe Vera contains Vitamin C which can be an irritant. I have organic 99% Aloe Vera gel and it has a lot of crap in it that isn’t pure aloe. If you use Aquaphor or Vaseline, you should really only need to apply it twice per day. It’s
  6. I actually developed an infection from my chemical peel so it was a different type of disaster, actually much more scary aesthetically and medically than what happened to you. There was nothing wrong with the technique of my doctor but the depth of the peel made me more prone to infection (it was much, much deeper than the one you did). I may hyperpigment slightly but I’m a natural blonde with pale skin so am more prone to PIE as opposed to PIH. I expect the PIE to last 4 months, maybe longer.
  7. You can definitely start using Retin A at this point. As you mentioned, this may help with the areas of pigmentation you have on your face. I had a chemical peel a little over a month and half ago and am even pinker than you are currently and my doctor wants me back on Retin A. You may have some irritation but my suggestion is to start slow and use a lesser strength. I would start by only applying it once a week for a few weeks, then twice a week and so on so your skin is able to adjust
  8. What concealer are you using? I need to try to put on makeup soon since I have some obligations that I can’t miss. I’m a month and a half post and can’t believe how red I am still. It goes down occasionally throughout the day but seems to get red again in the evening. It’s frustrating because when I feel like I’m making good progress with the redness it comes back the same shade as it was a month ago. Are you making any progress with your redness?
  9. I agree that you need to be under the care of an experienced physician at this point. I don’t know if you pre-treated your skin with hydroquinone or not but this is absolutely a necessary step for Fitzpatrick Types V and VI. My doctor puts his Fitzpatrick patients III through VI on a regimen that includes 4% hydroquinone gel twice daily for at least a month as well as well as 12% glycolic acid. These steps help to avoid pigmentation issues like you’re faced with now. There are many different
  10. Well, good . You will be okay as long as it doesn't feel tender and sore at this point. I am in the exact same boat as you, my friend. I have been avoiding a lot of obligations and social activities because I'm so self-conscious about the redness but I know it will improve with time.
  11. Yes, I advise waiting 3 months and not doing anything while the collagen is still remodeling. Otherwise, you can disrupt or hinder the healing process. You certainly may be right that the redness may not be gone by the 3 month mark, but you need to at least give your skin time to completely heal the injury from the chemical peel.
  12. It is 100% still in the healing phase!! The wound healing phase is broken up into several parts: coagulation and inflammation, reepithelization, granulation tissue formation, angiogenesis, and collagen remodeling. You have already completed the first several stages and have entered into the final two stages of wound healing. Peeling with 50% TCA is considered a medium-depth peel and the remodeling does not complete until well after 60 days, usually 90 after peeling. It is not a side-effect t
  13. I will not be going for any lasers and will just let it fade over time. I have done quite a few peels before and while the erythema is certainly more intense than prior peels, I expected it to some extent because the depth and the initial inflammatory response I had right after the peel. Having the infection during the first week of healing likely will prolong the erythema as well beyond what is typical. What was the percentage you used for TCA cross? In addition, is your skin starting t
  14. I had a combination peel which combined dry ice and TCA 35%. The amount of layers and the aggression that was done with the dry ice was comparative to a Hetter peel (lighter version of the Baker-Gordon peel). My skin swelled up so much my eye was swollen shut and I had a Level 3 frost. The peel wasn't even applied under my eyes but that's just how extreme the swelling was. As a matter of fact, the white frost stayed on my skin for 3 days. It was quite intense! I'd just look for gradual reduc
  15. @downinthedms Doing a vascular laser could actually cause damage. No laser is without risk. You’re only 4 weeks out from essentially a second degree burn. My doctor won’t even consider a vascular laser until 3 months post. In regards to using a hydrocortisone cream, I personally would advise against this so early in the healing process. It impedes wound healing. I had a peel done 4 weeks ago (so around the same time frame you had yours) and this peel was done so aggressively that it caused