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  1. I am also 25 have suffered with mild but very persistent acne for 10 years. Tried everything antibiotics,topicals nothing really worked. Just got prescribed 40mg/day of accutane starting tomorrow!! I am very nervous about it and its a tough decision to weigh but I am ready to try a more permanent approach
  2. very inspiring maniac I start my first day tommorow for my mild but persistent acne. By Summer I hope to be clear I am hoping that by Ferburary though some of the more bothersome side affects are gone so I can enjoy my b-day party. Not to happy about not being able to drink alcohal while taking this medi. though!!! sorry for the double post just wanted to shout out my new englanders seem to be alot of them on these boards New Hampshire here
  3. I tried an abrupt stop to it. Was fine for about 2 weeks now I am breaking out again -__- I think I am going to go back on it.
  4. ahh ok thanks man. So I am on day 4 of the regime and my skin was really good yesterday except for dryness and flakey skin. I woke up this morning and my skin was even more flakey even though I used the moisturizer last night. After the facial wash and teh BP application my face looks like its shedding and it's pretty much unbearable I had to take another day off from work because there is no way I could work with people looking like this. I hope this regime doesn't continue to interrupt my jo
  5. I would stick it out for a bit longer before going on something more hardcore. I've read alot of promising stories about accutane but for mild acne I don't think it's worth the risks involved with going on such a strong medication.
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  7. Yes that most certainly helps I never thought of just doing spot treatment with the moisturizer I think that will help with my issue with a shiny glossy face Honestly I feel alot better already my skin doesnt feel scaley and tight like it did with the BP 8% wash it actually feels healthy o.O I guess it's just the initial couple hours after applying everything where my skin reacts adversely and then beyond that my normal color returns and my skin feels a lil better I am very thankful I have t
  8. So say you work out at around 3pm is it ok to shower but only wash face with water and then do the second application at 8-9 pm?
  9. yup that helps alot thanks Sometimes I wish I could just take a month vacation and really focus on my skin
  10. Wow your results are promising!! How do you combat the really shiny oily look after applying the BP+Moisturizer in the morning? It makes me feel really self concious when my skin looks like that before heading to work. I am contemplating only using BP+ Moisturizer at night and just the cleanser + BP spot treatment in the morning. Do you think I will still see results? Oh BTW you are beautiful even with acne ;P
  11. I'm curious about this as well. I would honestly like to see results just using it at night and perhaps as a spot treatment in the morning as needed because of the irritation and redness involved using it in the morning.
  12. lol maybe I'm just a dick too but I agree. I know it's tough when you get attached to someone but you gotta move on with your life man. Find some other whore and move on.
  13. I masturbated earlier in my early-teens to now and never noticed any correlation between it and my acne. Some years I had no acne still masturbated other years I did have acne , still masturbated no link at all. It's all a buncha BS. Great topic though lol Don't believe all the propaganda though keep on wankin!!
  14. ahh ya I've been on a steady protein diet with lots of shakes and just started using creatine monohydrate couple weeks ago post workouts. I've been mixing it with my post workout protein shake which seems to work well. Do we have any facts that prove that creatine gives you or makes you more prone to acne? Maybe it's just a coincidence because I have changed medication so much lately it's hard to say what could be the cause but around the time I started taking Creatine I noticed my skin was mo