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    I love to fly.. i really enjoy flying on airplanes and traveling. I couldn't survive without my friends they mean the world to me. They love me whether i have great skin or not. I love having great skin too (: I'm sure all of you do too haha.<br /><br />Well I'm a nice person so feel free to talk to me!
  1. Whenever I use sunscreen on my face, it gets super oily and I break out. And I've only had 15spf on my face before. It could maybe be that, but our skin could be different.
  2. try everyday minerals. www.everydayminerals.com they pretty much get great reviews from every woman on this site that uses it.
  3. marykay velocity light oil free moisterizer. you can get it at marykay.com its great.
  4. make sure your moisturizer is light and oil free, this way you'll have no worries moisturizing everyday. alot of times people with oily skin don't moisturize so there body is producing oil to hydrate the skin. my skin became so much less oily after i started moisturizing. so i say keep moisturizing.
  5. Well I've been acne free for about 6 months now, but i still have those small zits on my forehead and a few on my temples and besides my nose.. i believe there called comedones? i'm not sure i could be wrong but there tiny,not red and there not super noticible, but there still there. so how do i get these bumps to go away? this is my regimen: morning - wash face with face cleanser and water. apply moisterizer. night - wash face with face cleanser, clean and clear astringent(salicylic acid 5%)
  6. i feel horrible without makeup. i think its natural for girls to feel this way and i thinks its okay. as long as your yourself with your makeup on and your not a different person that its ok! hey i'm a makeup fan..its covers up all my scars and stuff so i'm not givin it up! btw.. i use mineral makeup and it is great..so idk why some people have problems..maybe its the brand or there skin doesn't like it haha..
  7. so i'm in my teens..15 to be exact. and i was reading that if you where foundation YOUR SKIN WILL AGE? i wear everyday minerals makeup cause its not cakey and it doesn't make me break out..but i don't wanna stop wearing makeup..i have so many scars..i'm scared? is this true will i get wrinkles at 18? i don't tan my face either i always cover it up haha.. but yeah im so scared!
  8. that sounds scary..i don't think i'll be using this anymore..if i do it will only be on my painful zits because thats the only thing that makes them feel better
  9. btw i don't do this all the time, really only when i have a horrible breakout or a super painful zit. its not my daily drying rouitne
  10. So i've been putting hydrogen peroxide on my pimples and it works pretty good..it stings but right away inflamation goe's down..and after the stingy goe's away, the painful zits don't hurt anymore. I can usually clear up a period breakout(pesky time of the month..grrr) in like 2 days. thank god for this stuff has anyone else tried it?
  11. it doesn't sting mine but i only apply it on my nose and forehead and sometimes my chin because thats where my scars are. about all the people saying it doesn't clear up acne.. on some people it does but for the most part i've heard tons of people say how it lightens there scars. worked great on mine ..
  12. Mine say's it has aloe in it. i don't know where that one person got those ingrediants from. Because the very first ingrediant says "Aloe barbadenis Leaf Juice"
  13. Well I use Aloe Vera Gel (Solarcaine burn relief Aloe Vera Extract Gel. To be exact) and it has faded my scars and if i put it on my pimples they turn less red and get less inflamed..so i guess they heal faster haha. does anyone else use any aloe vera gel? if so what was your results.. i love it!
  14. so my red marks are noow faint pink marks.
  15. If anyone is reading this.. i tried it and it didn't break me out at all! it actually moisterized my skin really well and it ALREADY FADED MY REDMARKS! amazing stuff...its my new moisterizer. hehe