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  1. come back to us yo!

    1. Cecelia


      Hiya, sweetie! Just stopped by to pick up some regimen stuff for the family. How have you been?

  2. MAMA C!!! <3! I'm doin' okay. Still alive, so... How's things by you!? Feelin' better? How're the kiddos?

  3. Missed you LOTS!!! We have all been hoping your back and all behaves better. Much love!

    1. Cecelia


      Hey, Wynne! Happened by for some products and to do some checking on mineral makeup alternatives. Really disappointed with EM. I just KNEW that I'd get the 411 from the Org! Anyway...had surgery about a year ago. Managing, but not back 100%. Surgeon says maybe another year. Grr! Anyway, my daughter is now in college and my son is a senior. I al SO old! Hope all is well with you. Please give my regards to everyone. I'll try to drop by when I can.

  4. Wynne! Missed you, hon!

  5. Hey, girlie! How ya been?

  6. I think the St. Ives scrub is one of the absolute worst things you can use on your face. It doesn't have beads, but crushed apricot pits with sharp edges. You can get micro abrasions from it. SA is normally used with success for blackheads. If you have inflamed pimples, BP is the way to go. SA cleansers really don't have much effect, since they are washed off. And it looks like the otner you have is only a 0.5% and that's pretty gentle. You could be sensitive to the SA or you could actually be
  7. You need to add gentle exfoliation.
  8. You could dilute it and see what happens. Or maybe just use antibiotic ointment on the open areas.
  9. My daughter used it, but it caused a *lot* of redness for her with very little good results, so she stopped. She did better with the 2.5% BP.
  10. It depends on your skin. Use antibiotic ointment until it is *fully* healed to minimise scarring.
  11. I use a BHA (=SA) toner every morning. I use the AHA 2-3 times a week in the PM after cleansing. I use either the Clean & Clean Deep Cleaning Astringentor the Equate brand version if I can find it. Both are 2%. Probably cheaper than Paula's and more easy to come by - WalMart or local pharmacy. Definitely add moisturiser in the AM and PM.
  12. Don't use toothpaste. First, it can be irritating. Second, you absorb the fluoride through your skin. Third, I don't believe it has *any* antibacterial properties. Treat it with BP. You can use AHA, too. If/when it opens, use antibiotic ointment.
  13. Exfoliate regularly and use a SA toner. Maybe AHA once or twice a week. They should improve.
  14. Unless a skin lesion is pus-filled, usually ice and anti-inflammatories like ibuprophen or naproxen are more effective than warm compresses.
  15. Nope. Dove cleansing bar for sensitive skin is fine for faces. As a matter of fact, it was initially developed for faces.