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  1. And one more thing .Guys please be careful using this product, one more time is compatible with my skin, i don't know how results you get, please be careful
  2. my friend from russia has recommended this product, it work for me very well, and i am glad all this shit is over,
  3. hi,I think I found the right medicine to help me 99.99%.it works very well for me, I do not know how it will react to others,use this maximum product 2 times per day ..... max,do not give too much around your lips.sorry don't have 2 much time to dispo right now. some photo update
  4. For the moment this is just a theory,but yes i think so.time will show. Cheers
  5. Hi,so I will be very quick to explain how my battle with acne evolves.I work in a company that installs solar panels all over France, I've had office work. A lot of people went on vacation and there is no one else to do physical work with the facility, so I offered myself for some extra money, and you have to move very fast. 1-so i started to do some diet,only garlic and water and 2 spoons of raw apple vinegar in a glass of water for 5 days that it, 2-Without lotion without special soaps salic
  6. HI.I am 31 years old and a have this acne foe one year.My question is, someone tried apple cider vinegar to cure this pimples?
  7. Thank you all for your posts. It happened a year ago after I came from vacation. In the blue they began to show little *??white pus zits,pimples?? constant around mouth and chin. All these symptoms only around nose , mouth and chin. rest of the face is clear.Sometimes before sleep I feel itching around my nose then I'm sure in the morning I'm expecting a big surprise. Sometimes i can not sleep because of them ,i feel like some one is putting needles in my skin affected area. Normally every d
  8. hi.Of the ton of information found on the net about me about these pimpls, the most strange seems to me that symptoms start to appear in people aged 27 to 40, You do not have any problems when you shave so often,i mean you do not break them during the process and you do worse?
  9. Hi. Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately for me it does not work well. Almost 1 month I only eat vegetables, salads ... and few fruits that do not contain sugar. Yes, and without alcohol, salted, or spiced. I hope this treatment will help someone. All the best.
  10. Hi. No,unfortunately I do not have enough time to visit my dermatologist. How do you feel, have some new information about betadine, help you with something?If it's not a secret how old are you and how many time you shave per week? i shave 1 time per week whith my electric razor and i read on the net that it is very good to shave at least 4 times a week.Keep it up to date on what you think about it, good luck!
  11. something interesting here https://patient.info/health/folliculitis-leaflet
  12. hello A few days ago a friend gave me a cream on the name fusidic acid 2% creams in France called acid fusidique 2% creams. The first evening after use * (I put a little on the top of the pimple),And I was very amazed when I woke up and the pimple dried out and only a yellow substance remained. The next day when I tried all over half or dried the rest dried out in a few days. That does not mean that in the meantime I'm not getting any other pimples, but it's a start and I like it to be pos