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  1. Thank you guys so much for your kind words. Best of luck on your courses as well! Day 176 Well, in about two weeks I'll be done with my Accutane course. I'm not exactly sure how I feel right now. Obviously my skin has improved tremendously (I only have about 6 or so actives right now), but I guess I was expecting even more. Most people experience clear skin in their 5th month. I'm 5 months and 2 weeks into my regimen, and I'm still breaking out. =( My derm tells me even after I go off the ta
  2. Day 139 My skin is improving, ever slowly, but ever surely. I am STILL having breakouts into month five, so I'm not thrilled about that... I'm currently on 60mg of Sotret, possibly going up to 80 for the last month. The only bad side effect is back pain & chapped lips. Other than that I'm perfectly fine (knock on wood). PICTURES OF PROGRESS - Day 139 http://i35.tinypic.com/r7uatk.jpg
  3. Day 90 So it's been almost thirty days since my last post, mostly because nothing all that exciting has been happening. My skin is slowly clearing each day, and now that I don't have as many actives I became fully aware of a new problem: just how bad my scarring is. I guess I never noticed before since I was always so focused on my pimples, but the scarring on my face (especially my left side) is so bad... I just hope it will go away with time, I mean obviously I know it's not going to be a o
  4. Day Sixty-Three So I went to the derm on Friday. Besides severely injuring my head (but that story's for later), it was a pretty normal visit. My dosage is going to slowly increase to 60mg, and I'm pretty sure that's the highest I'll go since I don't weigh that much. Here's what we decided to do: WEEK ONE (September 26 - October 2): Continue on 40mg WEEK TWO: (October 3 - October 9): 50mg (rotating 40/60mg for the week) WEEKS THREE, FOUR, & FIVE (October 10 - 31): 60mg She said she hope
  5. My boyfriend took Accutane like 3 or 2 years ago and is perfectly clear now. He has flawless skin, it's so beautiful, and I am extremely jealous. He only has a few zits on his back now, other than that it's perfect. I figured with his great experience, why the hell not give it a try? Personally I'm not sure what my experience will be, but right now I'm not really leaning either way. My skin hasn't really gotten much better, but who am I to speak since I've only been on the drug for like 50 days.
  6. Day Fifty-Six Not much to update on. My skin is pretty much the same. I noticed something interesting though. I read on here that someone used Neosporin for their acne. I noticed when using it that it almost made my acne worse, if anything (except some of the really, really, super sensitive ones). I've stopped using Neosporin for like the last couple of days and my skin seems better =\ I think I'm going to shy away from using it from now on unless they hurt reallllllllly bad. Other than that
  7. Hahahaha I just changed it to MTV and there's a ProActiv commercial on! LMAO
  8. Thanks for the nice comment MustangBlue! Unfortunately it's starting to get worse again with the 40mg :\ Day Forty-Eight My skin hasn't freaked out TOO much since going on the 40mg, but it's definitely not improving. I am getting pimples in the most bizarre places. And they are all really painful. On Monday I came home from school with a semi-circle of 4 small pustules on my chin. It was so weird and hurt like a mother (I loaded those babies up with Neosporin and they were a little better the n
  9. Thank you Deadbeat, the prednisone has certainly helped a lot! I'm going off of it on Tuesday though so I'm kind of scared now that my skin is going to get worse again (especially since I'm upping my accutane dosage!) oyku, good luck with your course! Thank you for the kind words, though I will let you know I have tried EVERYTHING for my acne, so that is likely why my dermatologist prescribed me Accutane. Pictures sometimes aren't always 100% accurate. It's pretty bad, trust me. Let me know how
  10. Day Thirty-Six Not all that much has changed with my skin. I guess it has calmed down a bit, but that is likely just because of the Prednisone. Problem areas are still my cheeks and chin. Tomorrow is the first day of school. I decided to go out on a limb and wear something different, so hopefully my skin looks alright so I can feel totally confident and pull it off. I'm wearing a tee from Express, a vest from H&M, tight darkwash jeans from Express, and a pair of Pumas. Usually I'm very pre
  11. Your skin looks soooooooo good! I hope I can have such great results. Enjoy your new skin! :]
  12. Day Thirty-Two So I went to the derm on Tuesday. She is AMAZING and so much better than my old one who I wasted years with. She seemed very concerned about my skin since I've been on 20mg Sotret for over a month and was still breaking out very bad. It is mostly my chin and cheeks and she described it as being "very pustular." She wants to fight it rigorously since she said she usually sees better results that way, but she's scared what might happen if she ups my dosage, so basically she gave me
  13. Are you joking? Haha. I like to think I am a good writer, but I am not particularly trying to write well for my Accutane log haha. But thanks! :] INTERIM PERIOD #1 So this is my first (and hopefully only) interim/waiting period. On Tuesday I have my next derm appointment, and will hopefully (depending on my bloodtest) get more Sotret. So last night my "special friend" (haha) was here. We hung out, and I ended up telling him how I was insecure about my skin, and how I'm on Accutane and hate it,
  14. Day Thirty So my skin seems to be calming down slightly, but it is obviously no where near where I would like it to look by tomorrow night when my friend comes to visit. The zits on my lip still haven't come to a head and are seriously becoming part of my lip! I have a zit that has no head under my right eye which is so bothersome and irritating, I can see it out of my eye! The tri-pustule is smaller but not gone, and yesterday at work I accidentally brushed up against my face and it popped! It
  15. Day Twenty-Seven So tonight I had dinner at a friend's house. Her little brother (he's going into second grade I think) asks me tonight at dinner, "Is that poison ivy you have all over your face?" I was SO embarrassed and responsed, "No, they're pimples!" He then proceeded to go around the room and say "Daddy has some too, and you (to my friend), and Kit has a lot!" I obviously wasn't mad, since he doesn't know any better, but I felt so horrible all night after that. I wasn't myself later with m