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The best one out there
This has been my skin's savior. I first went through the regimen about four years ago when I had minor cystic acne breakouts on my cheeks. It was horribly drying but I stuck through it. I realized once my skin got better that it's happier without the regimen cleanser, and I also switched to another moisturizer. So I have one from a company in Sweden called Basiderm. I tried switching my BP out to some products from The Ordinary this summer and my acne breakouts were much worse than it ever was

By fannydubbelve95,

I have sensitive skin but was recommended this cleanser. At first I couldn't stand the smell but I got used to it. I found that daily use was too abrasive for me, even though I was very careful to be gentle and not to scrub it on my skin. At that time i only had scarring from cystic acne, and small white under-the-surface bumps. Maybe this is better every other day or so, to help with skin renewal. I think people with less sensitive skin could love this though. As for active cystic acne I would

By fannydubbelve95,

Doesn't make it worse
I tried this for a period of time but I think my skin is too sensitive. When I wash my face with only water, bp from the regimen and moisturize, my skin is the happiest. This cleanser didn't necessarily make my skin worse, I actually liked how balanced my skintone looked, but when I had used this for a couple of months it just felt unnecessary and I still had small white under-the-surface bumps. I think this cleanser could work wonders for people who are not as sensitive though! Just make sure y

By fannydubbelve95,

The best mask for looking fresh
I have used this during bad acne breakouts and during red scarring and it seems it works for everything. Now, it doesn't get rid of anything overnight, but I always seem to think my skin is calmed down, looks more fresh and has a more even skintone afterwards. I have very sensitive skin so I only use this every other week. I have tried both and the non self-preserving one works best for me. And I love the minty smell!

By fannydubbelve95,

Made my skin worse
I don't know but maybe could be sensitive to some ingredient in this product, when I use it on my skin it feels like it creates a barrier and doesn't allow my skin to breath. When I use it on spots at night, the spot is red and hurts when I wake up. Did not work at all for me. It's a shame because I really like Lush and their other products.

By fannydubbelve95,

Works for my sensitive skin
I use a small amount of this product almost daily over the Body shop's primer. Sometimes I experience small bumps under the skin (not cystic acne, just small white bumps) but that could be from the primer or just that I'm having one of those days. I have very sensitive skin. Over all I like this product a lot, quite pricy but worth it if you don't use lots of it.

By fannydubbelve95,