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  1. Hey. Your skin already looks pretty smooth and good. With some simple make up nothing would be noticeable. How was your experience with the Derminator?
  2. Can you post another picture update Robertitoo? In the May 11 update there are lots rolling scars but you're saying you had 70% improvement?
  3. Is anyone still using ACV? What kind of ACV do you use? I went to Safeway and the only kind I found was the Safeway brand one that has already been diluted with water to 5% acidity.
  4. I also have this cleanser but I'm concerned because it kinda smells and looks like plastic glue (not the white opaque liquid kind but like the clear gel stick kind). Is it supposed to have this texture and smell?
  5. Hello everyone, I don't have much trouble with whiteheads but I am getting a lot of inflammation that take a long time to fade away. Most of these don't form whiteheads but they last much longer than pimples do. Are there any topical medication that can reduce skin inflammation?