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  1. so my normal doctor put me on this and i was wonderin how long it takes to kick in. she said 6-8 weeks to c results. she put me on binaclin or whatever to but i dont know if i want to take it since the last time i used anything with bp in it my face got worse and really dry and red
  2. i ordered the bragz stuff online but i bought the heinz stuff from walmart to use untill i get it. so hopefully this helps
  3. i always get this at the worst possible time to... and i know its bad to pop but i always pop these if i can. the are so sore and look so bad i can deal with other stuff bbut it just pisses me off when my whole nose is bright red lol. today my girlfriend thought i just got sunburnt and it was worse on my nose but i told her what it was.
  4. every now and then my nose gets all sore and red. i cant pop it and it covers like my whole nose and hurts like a bitch
  5. im givin up on this untill i dont have any whiteheads.. i washed the brush all the time but i got alot of very small bumps all over my chin that ive never had before.. once they go away i will try it again
  6. just wondern if this is good enough.. i couldent find it at a store so im goin to order it and im not sure what to get or if its all the same... as long as its organic does it matter? http://www.nextag.com/JARROW-Formulas-Omeg...858/prices-html
  7. so can you spread the acne even if the whteheads arnt poped? since ive started doin this my skin has looked alot better but i got a small patch of little white heads on my chin. all in the same area
  8. so i got this green tea and ginkgo clenser today and i was wondering if it would be good to use... its 100% natural and from aubrey organics or somethin.. its ingredients are. coconut fatty acidcream baase, natural grain alcohol, organic aloe vera, coconut oil-corn oil soap, organic jojoba oil, citrus seed extract, vitamins a, c, and e, organic green tea powder, ginkgo biloba extract, organic lemon peel oil, organic blue camomile oil... does that sound like somethin good to use?
  9. id also like to start putting coconut oil on for a treatment. i heard this is a very good way to cure acne and its also good for the skin all together.. is this true because none of the murad stuff works for me except the mask and putting that on every night gets annoying
  10. i was thinkin about Minocycline? does it work good
  11. so i told my mom i want to go to a dermatoligst today. she said she would make me an appointment. i want to start taking a perscription drug for acne that will stop my breakouts. i normally have a few pimples all the time but every now and then i break out really bad. when i smoke weed or even if i am in a room with people that smoke my skin goes crazy. i am also taking creatine and i know it is belived to cause acne for some people. ive decided to give up smoking and taking creatine untill my s