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  1. Thanks for the comment man...hope your doin' well.

  2. Your doctor is wrong. He/She may know skin, but they do not know pharmacology, clinical research, and A/B equivalency. It is sickening to think that medical professionals continue spewing lies about generics. To the original poster: They are the same. Have confidence in any isotretinoin currently marketed. However, if you wish to waste your money on Accutane, as opposed to Sotret or Amnesteem, then far be it from me to say what you should do.
  3. Thanks for your comment, I hope I clear more in the next and last month.

  4. Just for the record, I'm not saying your skin won't improve dramatically on Sotret or a Generic Form of Accutane, but I'm saying I'm just not fully clear after 6 months.....and my doc told me I might do better on the original medicine which is a lot more money by the way.
  5. By the way, being on regular Accutane now, I've had far more side effects and redness, joint aches, etc. then I had on Sotret...THERE IS A DIFFERENCE, I don't care what anyone else says, my doctor told me there is sometimes a difference but it depends on the person and I'm certainly experiencing a difference. So anyone who says otherwise is simple wrong and a fool, there is a difference (sometimes).
  6. hi! I started accutane in july, so i've been on it for almost 7 months too. Mine has completely cleared up and i'm sure yours will as well. Good luck!

  7. Actually I've done a 5 month course on Sotret with 80mg a day on the Sotret Generic form of Accutane and then last month I switched to the regular form of accutane cause my doctor said sometimes the regular form of medicine works better on some people, and yet after 6 total months of Accuante, I'm still not totally clear....its really irritating! I'm going on 7 months! When the 7 months is done, I will have been on Sotret for 5 months and Regular Accutane for 2 months! So yes, there is a differe
  8. Wow, your skin looks great!

  9. Kylemp20

    Pics of Me

    Random normal pics of me.
  10. Yea Sure. Yea, Virginia is awesome. I may be transferring sometime soon to a university in Virginia too. British Columbia is beautiful, have fun up there.

  11. thanks for your comments! i grew up in virginia too and might be goin back for school there haha

  12. Hey can you help me Rachel, how do I post a topic??