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  1. there was a thread on using H&S shampoo for the body~ what you do is do the same thing for the face, just don't leave it on all day and night. Wash off in the showers, that should do it.
  2. use head and shoulders shampoo, just remember not to leave it on all day or your skin will eventually dry up and crack, which is extremely~ painful.
  3. hey uksnowboarder, could u remove the step where you keep on your body for the whole day because I do NOT want people suffering as much as I did. The first couple days are alright, but if you continuously leave it on, your skin will crack. You can see cracks ALL over my chest, and they bleed sometimes, and it is torture even laying down on my bed. The pain is unbearable. My skin is very resistant by the way. for all you h&s people out there, don't leave it on your skin all day. Just wash off
  4. Hi, some of you may be familiar with my regime. However, I gave uksnowboarders method a try after breaking out because I was out snowboarding and spent a couple days in a cabin. Obviously, I didn't bring my acne treating products. I thought about the h&s method because it is much more efficient than my already very efficient regime because h&s can be bought at stores. The regime I use requires internet purchasing. Day 3 using uksnowboarder's method and what I can say is that h&s is m
  5. bump... please, everyone, give this method a try if you are suffering from moderate-severe body acne...
  6. my acne was the same as yours, but more red, and all around back, shoulders, and chest. my regime cleared up all the acne, and scars slowly fading (lighter tannish spots), did my regime for about 5 months now.
  7. I have several reasons why NOT to do that. 1. If you put bp on, you have to wait for it to dry. then you gotta wear something white so you don't bleach your clothing. 2. as i mentioned before, not everyone is going to stay home all day, some people have college, thus living in dorms, etc. 3. time consuming, applying all that bp over such a large area is very time consuming. 4. do bp gels come in huge 100 oz bottles? 5. are bp gels cheap? 6. The soap is being washed off after 2 minutes, not inst
  8. acne treatment kits. Unless your allergic to bp, I don't understand why they shouldn't work Acnefree, Proactiv, Neutrogena kits all work if you are consistent and do what it says to do 2x a day.
  9. bp zapzyt bars and aha alpha hydrox glycolic acid lotions the way to go, don't try complicated and frustrating methods, it'll eventually go away.
  10. did you use zapzyt? for me, panoxyl did not work anything close to zapzyt.
  11. I haven't been on for a while and this is because my severe body acne is a 100% clear now and my scars are about 80% gone. If you guys are wondering what severe body acne is, search up body acne on youtube and you will see this guy with a back that looks almost like someone poured lava on his back or something. (Mine is not that severe, but you get the point.) I posted my regimen a couple times, but I have made modifications after trials that not only deal with the product used, but also to make
  12. I don't recommend this if you have mild to severe acne. (the definition of mild for me is if you can count over 20+ individual spots) This body scrub/wash is mainly used as a preventive measure after your acne goes away. Lets say your on accutane for 6months and your 100% clear. Then this scrub would prevent breakouts from happening, or rarely happening. I'm making a thread on the exact regimen I used to get rid of my severe body acne 100% along with about 80% of all the scarring. Look me up. :)
  13. zapzyt 10% bar... or panoxyl 10% bar (panoxyl bar is 3 dollars more expensive and runs out faster)
  14. do everything exactly how i mentioned... you dont leave the thing on for whole day or anything.. just leave on in the shower for 2 minutes and rinse off... and wash with it 2x a day.. morning and evening.
  15. wow, it's been a long time since I've been here. This is because now I dont get ANY body breakouts anymore because I know how to prevent them from ever appearing, without having to have digusting benzoyl peroxide creams/gels on me all day, or having to worry about bleaching, or even having to do a hardcore regime that takes more than 5 min of your day. my old regime was this: Morning: In shower, use panoxyl 10% bar, start a creamy lather, using a loofah, and leaving the panoxyl 10% on for 2 min