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  1. well they were over a period of 7 years though.. ratin A is kinda like differin right? well thanks for reply ill ask the derm about it.
  2. hi, i havent posted here in years because i havent had too.. my acne started about 7 years ago(im 20 now) and ive tried sooo many things.. and nothing really seems to work, ive tried; oral antibiotics topical antibiotics differin BP SA 10 grams B5 a day capsaicin proactive several acne 'cures' i bought online tea tree oil green tea honey manuka honey vitamins+minerals baking soda aspirin mask topical anti-inflammatorys oral anti-inflammatorys ketoconazole fish oil flax seed oil apple cider vine
  3. so ive finally finished. i was taking 20mg and then 40mg every second day. accutane was great for me and my skin was just about perfect after 2 weeks of using it, with no initial breakout. Side effects i had were; lower back pain (which was annoying, things like sneezing hurt my back:/) and slightly dry lips,skin and hair. ive been off accutane for 2 days and already i have a whitehead, its really tiny and isnt noticeable but its pretty much the first one ive had in 9 months. im worried that th
  4. hi there, sounds like your going pretty well. i havent been on in ages. mainly because i got accutane and i dont have a singel pimple anymore:D. (been on it for about 1.5months). so im canceling my subscriptions and leaveing the org. nice talking to you goodluck and goodbye.
  5. ok so ive had mild acne for about 6 years and im pretty sick of it. ive tried all differant types of creams, antibiotics, home remedies, vitamins, drastic change it diet. but nothing seems to work. so i thought id try it all at the same time:) i started accutane about 1 month ago and my derm said i was responding very fast to it(i just went to see him today). ive been on 10 grams of B5 for about 6 months with no great improvement:( and differin and bactrim for about 4 months. the accutane seems
  6. ive been using bactrim DS for a few months and it has made my skin really sensitive, i decided to start using BP again cos i still get a whitehead every now and then, and i put a really thin layer of 2.5% stuff on my face, moisturised, and then went to bed. in the morning my whole face was really flakey. this has never happened before, even when i used to use 10% BP... any ideas on how to make my face less sensitive without stopping the bactrim?
  7. i have a hot shower, then right before i get out i put in on cold for about 30 secs. it tones your muscles and strengthens your heart.
  8. whichever has the least saturated fat, is the best
  9. drinking milk with meals stops u absorbing the iron from your food..vegetable juice maybe?...