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  1. Hello, I'm 22, i have noticed that i have acne since 18 years old (maybe earlier), i had acne on my temples (dark spots) and a little on jawline. It wasn't bad at all, I didn't take it seriously. But in winter of 2017 my acne got worse and spread on forehead, chest, and upper back, shoulders. So i tried to clean it every day but it didn't help much. On the face my acne is in T-zone, cheeks are clear. On the back it's in triangle or T shape. I read about that and someone said that it's acne v
  2. I have the same acne, contact me please:)
  3. I'm sorry, but my acne is only on forehead, shoulders and back. Cheeks and neck is pretty clean.
  4. Hello, I'm 22 years old. On the high school I had some pimples, a touch that a lot. 6 months ago so I started use cleaning milk, lotion and universal creme from Nivea. Helped a little. But my acne got worse like 2 months ago, I tried to use change cosmetics and tried products like Effeclar etc., but still didn't help. 5 days ago I went to a dermatologist and he prescribed lotion with sacyfilic acid. I have forehead acne (especilly my problematic places is on the left side and both temples), o