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  1. I've seen this line advertised in magazines. http://www.purlisse.com/index2.php I've bought the facial cleanser and the Hydra moist lotion and the tea to drink (which tastes really good btw) and I'm waiting on the lip salve and may eventually order the eye cream. I had been using an organic brand line called "Suki Naturals" which I liked, but the cleansing lotion never felt like it fully cleaned my skin of makeup well enough. I like the cleanser and moisturiser of the Purlisse line as it cl
  2. God, I am so completely disgusted with myself....I KNOW I shouldn't pick - yet something comes over me and it's like I completely loose it! I'm on Differin .3 and I was practically all clear, then this last week or so I've been having these bumps appear on my face so that it makes it look like a map of Orions Belt is there for everyone to read brail off of. So I pop....then I start inspecting around at other areas and before I know it I've spent an hour in front of the mirror picking at my f
  3. Awesome sense of humor!! I'll bet that stuff on your face hurts so bad - I really feel for you hun. Keep up the attitude and I wish you the best of luck on tane! xx
  4. Just my opinion, but if she's pushing you to get it, it's because she sells the stuff and earns commission. I personally have not tried that line, but I do use Suki Naturals Organic line and I can attest to that being effective and gentle if your specifically looking to go organic. I've tried the Evan Healy line as well and I like Suki better. This is the starter sample kit to try for anti inflammatory needs: [Edited link out]
  5. I am a huge fan of Suki Naturals products and the Lemongrass Cleanser is the BEST. http://www.sukisnaturals.com/product.php?product_id=13
  6. I used Differin 0.1 gel for a year with dramatic improvement. I also have fair/sensative skin. I ended up running out of my prescription and didn't get back into see the derm until a good 5 months later - big mistake. My acne returned and upon use of the differen again, it took another 5 months to clear up..though it seemed that the 0.1 wasn't working as well as it had the first time. I'm actually using Differin .3 now and love it. I did get initial break out again but I'm clearing...even m
  7. I did try this and it seemed to work initially, but then it just got too dry. I think it works the best when you apply it to a raised pimple, but don't apply it once the plug has been popped out.
  8. I am now in the process of my face being entirely clear. I love this stuff personally. My face also experienced initial break out too so I think it's common. Right now under my chin has some healing spots and that's about it.
  9. I've tried this method and it does dry up "full" erruptions to flatten them out I suppose...but actually I've been finding that washing my face at night - then applying just the Differin has better results. I've also changed my morning routine to just rinsing my face with water and not using soap. I read that reducing your washing to just once a day can help and so far this has been a good change in my routine for me.
  10. I'm on it currently and I like it. I had good results on Differin .1 but it was almost as if it stopped working as well. I'm in the process of no bumps, but currently trying to clear red scarring from previous picking.
  11. My skin can't handle Retin A either, and I had much better results with Differin Gel. Perhaps it's worth a try?
  12. Just wondering if anyone knows whether using Differin and then also applying Benz Perox will cancel out one another or work even better? I actually have had good luck using both at the same time at night but wondered if anyone else has done this or if it's a no-no that I shouldn't be doing......
  13. It took me a good 5 to 6 months of using Differin 0.1 to get really cleared up skin so in some cases it make take as long as that to get the results you're looking for. All I can say is that this is the only topical med that really worked well for me by calming down redness and irritation and getting the acne to change from the deep cystic type to white heads to clearer skin. I'm using 0.3 now to see if that helps even more. Differin didn't completely get rid of my acne (as I still experience
  14. Me15 -thanks for the thoughts... I truly hope you find a medication that will help you and wish you the best. I got my Differin gel 0.3 this afternoon and applied it tonight after washing up.....I can't believe the difference in my skin....my face is literally calmed everywhere except the zit pock areas now - where as my entire face was getting reddened on the other stuff. For some reason the other retenoids irritate my face and this doesnt. (shrugs)
  15. Just wanted to make people aware here that are asking about moisturizers - it states in the product information that you should NOT use any products with Alpha Hydroc. Acid. Please read product inserts before using other products to see if compatability is a problem.