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  1. This is the 3rd time im taking accutane. 1st time was when i was about 15. 2nd when i was 18. Now im 20 and iv been eating accutane for the past 4 months and its not working! It has always started working after about 2 months and kept me totally clear for a year or so. Im taking 40mg every day. Im 80kg, thats about 160lbs I think. It looks like the drug is not working at all! What should I do!?
  2. Monkey, i know how you feel. When my acne "ended" after taking accutane, I tryed to treat my scars and thought iv would get (almost) perfect skin and that my skin problems would be over. But it just made my scars worst and I got trapped in to this hole. Somehow however, although im living very isolated life, im able to smile and laugh and enjoy life. I think about the life i had before my acne got bad alot.. i dont know if thats a good thing. Gardening helps me emotionally alot. I grow marijuana
  3. Skurten: You can get them flat whit cortisone(stereoid) injections. Ask a derm about it. You might need about 4-5 shots 1,5month apart to every scar. If the scar is large, it needs multiple injections to different parts of it (some derms might not know). Some scars might get dented, as in my case. I have keloid scars.
  4. People who would take the money dont have severe scarring.
  5. I got rid of mine by using clindoxyl. I put it on at evening and wash at morning.
  6. I think you should tell your friend how you feel about his comments.
  7. Here is 3 methods 1. Nizoral shampoo 2. Vinegar, put it in the evening rinse at morning 3. Diprosalic <--- Saved my life
  8. They are prob hypertropic aka raised scars. Cortisone injections might get them flat/dented.
  9. I have keloids and raised scars. Keloids for to my shoulders and chest. I have gotten most of my scars flat whit cortisone injection (stereoids). Some of them got dented however. I needed about 3-5 injection before i could see improvements. Mederma (contractubex in europe) can also help some, but didnt help me. You might also wanna try silicone sheets.
  10. He said he has had them for a year and that most of his acne cleared. So thats why i think theyr scar. They also have a shiny surface.
  11. I think ull have higher chance to get permanent scars when u scratch off the scabs.