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  1. Just saw a study (don't have a link, it was in a journal) that said people who have easily irritated skin are more prone to break outs from cell phones that contain nickel. Almost every cell phone is made with nickel. To eliminate break outs from nickel, buy a cell phone cover. There is a testing kit you can buy to determine whether or not your phone contains nickel, but why buy the kit when you can easily solve the problem by buying a 12 dollar cover. It is also more practical to wipe bacteria
  2. Wow, that is a lot of questions. My hubby and I did grow our own veggies this year. We grew cucumbers, sweet peppers, hot peppers, potatoes, eggplant, onions, garlic, tomatoes. We watered and used miracle grow every two weeks. Started the tomatoes inside from a tomato growers catalog, everything else was from a local nursery (infant plants). The only problems we had were with the melons we tried, the came in late and it was too cold here already for them to ripen. We didn't use anything to keep
  3. When I was in a situation like this, although I was not on tane, my holistic doctor recommended regular honey globbed on the spot with a band aid over top at night. Really helped for me.
  4. I have no answers for you, just support. I'm pretty much in the same boat. I have hormonal acne as a result of PCOS. I'm not interested in going back on birth control, as I believe that's how I ended up in this situation in the first place, and other hormonal treatments really don't do anything for it. So I pick. And I know that this makes everything worse, but I just can't stand to see inflamed yucky spots on my face. They take forever to go away, and when I pick they go away quickly but obviou
  5. Thanks for the articles, already do the elliptical 30 minutes 5xs a week. And my diet (at least to me) seems consistent with what you're doing, perhaps a little more work could be done to control my portion sizes and eliminating potatoes.
  6. Just found out today that this is the cause of my acne (along with other problems). I am a huge believer in holistic treatments, and the treatments for this are anything but. Blood pressure medications, birth control (which I believe caused this in the first place), artificial hormone replacement (at the age of 30!?). I don't like putting anything in my body that it doesn't need. And my holistic doctor has yet to call me back. And on the other hand, I'm tired of living like this. So, what would
  7. So I wasn't going to reply, but then saw that no one has picked number 2. Hate to add to your confusion, but I like number 2 the best. IMO, 1 and 3 make you look younger and less mature.
  8. My story is EXACTLY the same as yours. Right down to the started b/c at 15 and only cleared up when I was pregnant with my daughter and while breast feeding. The bad news is, I went off b/c last October and my body is still not back to normal. Who knew that being on birth control on and off (mostly on, minus the pregnancy) for the last 14 years would screw me up this completely. My skin has had time periods in the year since I went off b/c that I've been relatively clear. Unfortunately, it has b
  9. Another great tip, too bad I'm too lazy. Missed seeing you around here!
  10. Congrats, and wow you look a lot younger with your hair a bit longer.
  11. I love aqua glycolic (AHA) and am waiting for my order to come in the mail to start using it again. I know most people believe here believe cleanser should just be cleanser, but when I stopped using aqua glycolic, i noticed that my skin became bumpy again. I also find that AG is not nearly as drying to me as other "gentle" cleansers I have used.
  12. You still around stardancer? Remember me? How've you been doing?

  13. chickweed healing salve is good, you should be able to find it at a health food store.
  14. I can't drink ANY caffeine, not even decaf (which still has amounts of caffeine). I had to go caffeine free, which means no coffee. Although it does not appear to cause my acne, every time I try drinking it again my breakouts get much worse. I was pretty much clear and then had coffee for a few days and I'm sorry that I did.
  15. I received an RMA number to return my AHA due to these problems. But I use emu oil instead of jojoba. I wonder if it would work the same. I may try that to avoid returning the two tubes i purchased.