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  1. Dorxy and Doxcycline are not essentially the same antibiotic, they are the same antibiotic. The mechanism of action for preventing the growth of bacteria is the same for both. With that said, Dorxy was specifically designed to treat acne. It is a time released formula that is gentler on the stomach. Is it possible to get an initial break out from the switch? Yes. The body is constantly trying to achieve an equilibrium. If your body was use to receiving all of the antibiotic at once, and now rec
  2. Antibiotics get a bad rap, but they can be a very effective option for treating acne. Erythromycin is generally the first antibiotic prescribed, and for light to moderate acne. If it is helping your acne, continue to take it. Personally, I took erythromycin for about two years and had no negative consequences. Some people will tell you that taking antibiotics for an extended period is a bad idea because you develop antibiotic resistant bacteria. However, erythromycin is not generally prescribe
  3. Amoxicillin isn't a typical antibiotic used for the treatment of acne, but your dermatologist probably prescribed it to you because you said you have tried tetracycline in the past and it was ineffective for you. With that said, I would give it at least 7 weeks before you judge its results. As a long term acne sufferer myself, I would say that from experience, you should discuss all problems/concerns with your dermatologist. If you feel that amoxicillin isn't working for you, schedule an appoi
  4. I have used multiple brands, some are more effective than others. Expect to pay anywhere from 6-20 dollars. I suggest the brands "Pearls" and "Accuflora." However, it's best to try multiple ones to see what works best for you. Like I said the most important thing is the type of bacteria, with acidophilus being the most effective. You can take them with food. You can also take Minocycline with food as well, if it upsets your stomach. Just avoid dairy and calcium/iron suplements when taking minoc
  5. Probiotics are not actual "medication." You can find them at your local drug stores, some contain different amts/types of active cultures. I suggest using one that contains acidophilus. Also, be weary of anything that claims to contain more than 1 billion cultures as its not likely to be able to count past the millions mark. As far as when to take them, I'd plan on taking them either 2 hrs. before/after your antibiotics. Don't be afraid to take 2 or 3 a day either. They really can't hurt you.
  6. It sounds like you just stopped taking the antibiotic cold turkey, without slowly coming off of it. If this was the case, then often times the tetracycline family of antibiotics can make your acne "worse" than before you started taking it. You need to go back to your doctor and discuss new possibilities to correct this problem.
  7. Hey I've been on numerous acne treatments and the best by far for me is the name brand doryx. However, my insurance no longer covers the drug so I'm being switched to the generic, doxyclycline. Is there going to be any intial break out or where the generic not work as well? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey, I noticed that you said you are now on doxycycline and can no longer use the lamp? Why is this the case? I thought you could use red/blue light therapy with other acne medications, even ones that cause photosensitivity?
  9. Well clindamycin is one of the oldest, most proven, most effective acne medications out there. It is a very mild acne treatment that should help clear up moderate acne. Some complications can arise when your body's bacteria start to become resistant to the drug. However, using it with benzoly peroxide delays this from happening. So yes, using bp with clindamycin should be an effective acne treatment for you.
  10. Any change in the amount of doxy your taking should be slow and consistent. For example, each change should last 1-2 weeks, 2 weeks being on the safe side. With that in mind you should order more doxy to make the transition of coming off of it slower and longer to reduce the chance of breaking out after you stop. If you are currently taking two 100 mg a day, then id start with taking 2 every other day, and 1 in the days in between. Then I'd move to just taking 1 a day. Then I'd move to taking
  11. You don't really need to use scrubs if you are already using the jojoba oil to exfoliate. What works really well is the cetaphil cream/lotion plus jojoba oil. Put a lot on and leave it on over night. Doing this consistently every night should virtually end your flakes. I'd say the cetaphil cream is more moisturizing, so you might want to try that one. Be sure to put lots on and mix it with some jojoba oil.
  12. This is more of a personal decision than anything. Yes it is safe to take antibiotics long term. However, they can begin to cause serious health concerns such as liver problems and intestinal problems after being on them for an extended period, such as 5+ years. I have been taking antibiotics for over a year and the biggest problems that I experience are intestinal. Taking a probiotic or eating yogurt can lessen the intestinal problems. Also, taking antibitiotics for extended periods can lead to
  13. nope thats not what this medication is intended to do. it will decrease inflammation and bacterial though which should help control your acne.