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  1. Hi guys, sorry that I posted this in the introduction forum, before I was going to post I checked the forums but I overlooked The Lounge I guess... thank you for moving this topic.
  2. Hello, Maybe it's a little bit silly to post this in the introduction topic, but recently I found a happy website with cheerful videos and pictures. The reason I post this is because acne can make you sad... and maybe this website can cheer you up a little www.welovehappy.com
  3. I agree, It's in my opinion unacceptable that you can't delete your profile... :S
  4. This is so funny... Rooibos Tea is a dutch thing as far as I know... in the Netherlands it's a common thing to drink... buying these things are sooooooooo cheap. For a few euro you got like 100 bags
  5. To be honest my doctor was pretty easy about the fact that I really wanted a cure that works for my acne what was in this case Roacutane (already tried all the other crap). But to give you some advice, the only reason in my eyes a doctor won't describe it is because it can damage your organs, and if you got weak organs it could be destructive... yeah yeah sounds pretty scary... But if that is not the case and you are healthy, I would come up with something like: My acne hurts really badly, but
  6. Hello there, I had Mild to moderate acne and it was driving me crazy I am on Roacutane now and I did wonders for me, got now 1/2 small spots left and I can live with it! But now I am almost finished with my first session (16 weeks) of Roacutane, and I can't live with spots on my face to be honest I like the way I look smooth now... So I am very afraid if I stop taking Roacutane that my spots will get back? I asked my Doctor if I could keep using the tane, but he said this medicine is pretty h

  8. sorry i couldnt be of help with the accutane thingy :(, good luck with it!!! hope u come to the chat sometime soon =)

  9. Hello there, I got mild to moderate acne and I am now on Roacutane for 1.5 week. But about my questions: the most of the spots I get are underneath my skin. When you touch them they tickle or getting itchy... I really really hate these spots. The problem is, when I touch them and they tickle... my brains says to me I have to squeeze it. I know it's sooooo bad to do but I can't resist it. it's all between my ears I guess but I just can't stand it that they tickle (because of the sebum undernea
  10. Is there also some makeup on the market for men?