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Everything posted by Star83

  1. Star83


    I have similar scars :S
  2. Star83


    I think he looks great. :/
  3. Star83

    Picture 002.jpg

    Hang in there... Best wishes, Anonymous
  4. Star83

    After surgery

    Um, WOW! That's really cool looking in a weird kind of way. I've NEVER seen something like that. I'm weird but...I actually like it. Probably hurts though. So, um..yeah. Hope it gets better!
  5. Star83

    1 week before smooth beam

    I'd like a full pic of you, cause, frankly, you look pretty cute.
  6. By the way, you ARE so hot. I'm a girl too but if I were a guy I would so ask you out....if I got the nerve to.
  7. Star83


    OMG! YOU'RE HOT! *faint*
  8. hm, you reminded me of kelly clarkson when i saw your pic you're a beautiful girl =)
  9. Star83

    distance shot

    you're really quite handsome y'know that?
  10. Star83

    is she blind

    aw you guys look so cute together, your gf AND you are both good lookin even if you have scars! ^^
  11. Star83

    Again light from the side...

    i think you're cute