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  1. I asked a while back about a Salicylic 20% spot treatment, and no one had tried it... so I wanted to report back with my experiences... overall they are very good... The reason I decided to try the 20% spot treatment is because I've used the 2% Salicylic creams, and they helped a little, but not really... they never really "cleared up".... I found online a 20% Salicylic acid spot treatment by Skin Laboratory, and its really great. I was worried at first because the 20% seemed really strong..
  2. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19208195/ Here is a link to the article on the girl who dies from using Bengay... evidentially it is the only known case of this happening according to the article... Although no clear documentation exists on deaths resulting from the application of muscle cream, experts said they have never heard of one other than Newman’s. Anyway, thanks... that is tragic.
  3. Thanks Listener (nice name btw)... Do you know if there would there be a functional difference between: a buffered solution of 50% glycolic acid with a pH of 2.0 and an unbuffered 20% glycolic acid solution with a pH of 2.0?
  4. What is the relationship between pH and % with different chemical peels? I see a lot of peels that are buffered, which is supposed to neutralize the acid... it would seem if you neutralize the acid, it would no longer be effective... I understand that a very low pH has more potential to irritate the skin, but it would also seem that a high pH would have very little potential to benefit the skin. Does anyone know anything about this relationship between pH and potential to do benefit?
  5. What happened after the TCA peel? They seem very strong for home use... Did you feel comfortable using it? Does it burn/hurt, etc? Does the skin scab up after use? Thanks you for your information... I am very curious to learn about the TCA peel.
  6. Good call... I've checked into that in a little more depth. I would not image that the amount of salicylic acid absorbed through the skin would be very much at all though... if you apply 20 drops the skin, and that is 20% salicylic acid... and all the salicylic acid was absorbed into the blood stream, then it would be like taking 2 aspirin... But from what I've read it does not seem like much is absorbed. Primarily due to the oil solubility... if you have open wounds I would imagine it is gr
  7. Start with a nice pH balanced BHA (beta hydroxy acid, or salicylic acid) of reasonable percentage, such as 2% and give it a bit more than a month of application to see how it works for you. Maybe some people think that because something works for them or their skin type, then it will work the same with everyone. Maybe the 2% works for some people, but it does not work for me. Why do you say that it will irritate the acne and make it worse? I've read that with retin-a and peels as you
  8. Thanks Wynne, you did post some information and a link! I guess I was looking for more personal experience and feedback.
  9. I've been checking into this myself. I think it depends on the type of the peel. The main ones i've seen are: Glycolic and Lactic or other AHAs... these use fruit acids to exfoliate. Most of the peels you buy over the counter are neutralized fruit acid with a PH of 3-4... these are very mild, I've tried them and they do not do very much, they do make your skin glow, but nothing special. I'm not sure about wrinkles, but they are supposed to help wrinkles... I've read that for a peel to be effec
  10. i know what you're saying about messing up your skin... but i'm still kindof curious because the feedback looks really good... so i'm hoping someone here has tried it, and can let me know... http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...tab=AllFeedback
  11. wow, thanks for the response. I've tried the 2% and it does not do anything. I found an ointment at Walgreens for psoriasis which has 5% salicylic acid and I really like it, but it is in a petroleum jelly base... and that is a big minus... so i was looking for something a little (lot) stronger
  12. I just posted this question earlier, so I hope i'm not screwing up by posting it again, but someone earlier mentioned they had tried BHA peels. I'm trying to find out if anyone has used 20% salicylic acid before? I found some on ebay, and they are pretty cheap, 5-10$. I've found a psoriasis treatment at walgreens that is 5% salicylic acid and I really like it... but it is in a petroleum jelly base, and that has problems. The 20% seems pretty strong, so I wanted to know if anyone had tried it?
  13. I was wondering if anyone has tried applying 20% salicylic acid as a spot treatment? Does it work? I've seen companies sell them on ebay, and there is a company selling a 20% solution that is in a roll-on bottle. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it? How irritating is it? http://www.skinlaboratory.com/S20-R