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  1. MrMatt25

    Dietary Fat causes cystic acne?

    Thats the plan anyway. Im not counting calories from an acne standpoint, I just want to be able to eat enough to not be hungry.
  2. MrMatt25

    Best long-term solutions for acne?

    I have noticed significant improvement in dietary changes. Gave up dairy amd refined sugar and started eating a lot of veggies and a lot of fish. I avoided cooking oils except for olive oil. Id recommend giving this a try for a few days and seeing if you continue to break out. Good Luck, fellow Mr.
  3. MrMatt25

    Dietary Fat causes cystic acne?

    I am eating no processed food and no refined sugar, as well as taking cold showers. I eat oatmeal and fruit every morning, beans chicken rice and veggies for lunch, and some kind of healthy dish for dinner, often some combination of fish, potatoes (white and sweet) rice, whole grain pasta beans spinach, apples, broccoli peppers and carrots. I am hoping to see improvement over the next week or so followong this plan. (I had been drinking ALOT of almond and coconut milk smoothies and believe that
  4. Ive noticed I breakout with any substantial amount of dietary fat. I know this to be true for nuts and meats. (I am still experimenting with Omega 3s like Fish and Flax seed) Does anyone else have this problem/knows how to correct it? It is hard for me to get enough calories when eating like this. Thanks!