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  1. Irritating

    Has not made my acne worse like several cleansers have, so I will keep using it! Does not have any acne-causing ingredients (proof on [link removed]), however the fragrance in it is very irritating, specifically around the eyes. Avoid that area, and it will be a great cleanser!
  2. Caused breakouts and clogged pores

    I heard awesome things about this and decided to give it a shot for a month. On my skin, this broke me out tremendously (I have no clue why :( ) and gave me so so many whiteheads even though it is supposed to not clog your pores. Sadly, this made my skin so much worse :(
  3. Made my skin worse...

    The first few weeks my skin started to clear up...over a month in and all of a sudden my skin freaked out! My face is extremely red and inflamed, while also being very sensitive and flaky. I really want to stop using this before it does too much damage. But, people say their acne comes back worse than ever. Any ideas on what to do?? I never even had bad acne in the first place, but wanted to get rid of the ones that were there for good. WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. Do NOT buy this!