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  1. 2-5 lemons lol? isn't that a tad too much? especially for your teeth.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar applied with a cotton wool bud apparently helps, i'm on my second day of trying it at the minute. The sun helps.
  3. Okay, i guess I should explain what I have. Lots of blackheads on nose, and basically my face is covered in these small bumps, which are practically invisible, but nonetheless, extremely worrying. I don't have any whiteheads, and since consuming ACV they seem to off gone away completely, so acv does really work if you have moderate acne. however for really mild acne like I have I don't think it helps much. So my plan was to carry on using acv, 4 teaspoons a day to keep away the inflamed and wh
  4. whats actually caused that? the radiation from when he was a kid has caused that to last 15 years??
  5. I'm only on my second day, i started at night, so the following day i woke up, i seemed to have more whitheads than usual. but no new ones today and my skin does seem to be clearing, definiately less inflamed on my nose. im wondering though, does this help blackheads? if it does id be surprised, but does anyone know if it does? or just normal acne cheers folks
  6. Exercise relieves stress, which in turn helps acne. I do sit ups and press ups evernight then immediately after I have a bath. I also jog twice a week doing a similar thing. thus elimiating the sweat before it can do anything harmful.
  7. Exercise, masturbation, water comsumption, stress are all others...
  8. Does anyone else here agree with me, for your acne to be cured, these are the 4 areas you need to target? and target them all at the same time? not just try out dans regimen while still eating mcdos' everyday and going to sleep at 3am. How important do people think the sun is? If you spent a week at the beach I have a feeling your acne would clear up immensely.
  9. I'm starting this today, I swalloed 2 teaspoons of cyder vinegar last night, it burns a lot on your first swallow, i hope i start to adjust to the taste but i won't give up because of that. and well, i woke up this morning, basically all of my acne is non-inflamed and blackheads anyway, but I noticed that a small underground painful bugger, which wasn't red or anything but you could feel it, has now gone away, and I was under the impression it was just about to climax. I'll keep you posted wi
  10. Cool, thank you. if i clear my nose out, will my blackheads come back aghain?
  11. http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h...l%3Den%26sa%3DX thats the different grades of acne, im sure many of you have seen it before, but i'd like to use it, just to back up my question. if you take a look at grade 1 acne, i have nothing like that. and if i look at the blackhead picture, i have nothing like that either, i have what i thought where blackheads, but i guess are just like black dots on my skin which if you squeeze(which i dont anymore) stuff does come out. aall i really have
  12. 3 weeks???? thats incredible! why don't all the compaines go onto that? it'd be a major seller. but then i guess people would buy the stuff less frequently thus = less profits for the toxic kings.
  13. i want to try this, i already have some acv. but how will this benefit me? just wondering s'all. like the only benefit i've heard from drinking avc is loosing weight and helping arthritis, neither of which i come close to having.