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  1. It will eventually heal. My recommendation from my personal experience is using a cooling cream or aloe vera (make sure to get actual aloe...not the dyed kind it is actually clear) to help with the redness of the burn and calm down your skin. Try this a few times a day for a few days and see how it looks. Tip: If you put the aloe in the fridge it feels AMAZING on your skin.
  2. I find the best thing for any type of scarring is exfoliation, but it sounds to me like your skin is just irritated from the chemical peel. Try icing it or aloe vera.
  3. Until recently, I only suffered from occasional acne (though I do have pretty consistent eczema and probably got a serious cyst once a month). Each time I got a cyst it left behind hyperpigmentation (especially the ones I picked at...I have dermatillomania), and it was making me insecure. My grandmother told me to treat them with Vitamin E oil, which made me break out REALLY badly. I tried to ignore it (most of it was almost like eczema...tons of tiny little colorless bumps) but they felt so wei