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  1. Hey... i took only 20mg per day and i guess i didnt had any major outbreak so far. After 2nd wk into the medication, i did not have any oil on my face.
  2. lushgal


    Day 20 : I can't believe .... I need not have to use any oil blotters at all! 1st time in my whole entire life eversince I had acne when young. Actually since a few days ago, my face is so dry and not much oil. My face complexion is rather clear now, except for some redness. I feel soooo glad.
  3. lushgal


    Day 14 : so far no new acnes develop yet. My lips are extremely dry even though i applied very expensive lip balm. Cost $25 for a mere 20ml. It does help to soothe my lips but if it wears off, then too bad. Less oil than ever. Hopefully i get clear complexion soon. Although mine is not severe acne but the acnes are big enough to make me depressed.
  4. lushgal


    Today is Day 8 and so far I am beginning to experience rather dry lips. Hopefully no more acnes will develop.
  5. lushgal


    Today is Day 6 for me and I am still experiencing oily face. There is no obvious side effect yet for me. I wonder when will i be rejoicing in celebration for clear face. Alot of redness on my face. I am so sick and tired of using so much oil blotters all the time.
  6. Hi Geneva, Earlier this yr i took Diane 35 for about 2 or 3 mths and I gained so much weight. I got scared and stopped it immediately. I guess it may help me abit but then putting on so much weight is too much for me to bear. So far you did not experience any side effects yet?
  7. lushgal


    I tried many times to post my pics online but failed. I went to "My Controls" and tried to upload the pics in my Album but nothing happened. Can anyone guide me?
  8. lushgal


    I am already 25yrs old and have been suffering from mild/moderate acne for several years and tried numerous ways to solve this big problem but in vain. Antibotics, topical medications, beauty salon treatments, LAST ACNE SOLUTION Guide, Vitamin B5, acupunture, herbal teas, healthy diets, detoxification, DIANE35.... etc... so sick of it.. no use at all. I waste $$$$$$ on such treatments and they failed. Perhaps it may work for some people.. but not me because mine is hormones problems. DIANE35
  9. Wow, I have just read all the entries here about this new regimen. Sounds quite effective in eliminate acnes. I have moderate acne and perhaps i should try this out and keep all of you updated. Which one is better? Epsom salt solution or vinegar? I have very sensitive face.
  10. Actually, I personally think that using towels are not hygienic because the presence of so much bacteria on the towel itself even if you have just washed it. Imagine we have already so much bacteria resting on our face so the condition will just get worse. I recommend using tissue paper instead. Dispose after usage..... so convenient and hygienic.
  11. I knew that such situation always happen if I use cotton pads so I use tissue paper instead which is so much better.
  12. O:) I ever had depression because of my acne and it was so tough to overcome this until severals later. I realised that i should live with it and do not view myself in the mirror so much because I will definitely feel so down once i see my acne face. Last time i really always view myself in the mirror. The more i saw myself ... more depressed. So please try not to do this. Although people will comment that i have acne (as if its my fault) but nowadays i just simply dont care. As long i have
  13. Hi, I am a 24yrs old female and I had tried many drugs, antibotics and supplements since many years ago when I have acne but in vain. Actually the most effective solution is taking large amount of vitamin B5 but i think it is pretty harmful to take such. Antibotics aint effective after taking it for eliminating acne bacteria because the bacteria may be resistant to them. I tried accutane but stopped after the 1st week because the future side effects will be bad for health. I took Diane 35 (only