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  1. Thank you for all the answers and support guys, it helped the worry-wart inside of me kind of subside for awhile lol.
  2. Thank you for all the answers guys.
  3. Hey Kells, you left a reply on my journal, so ill try and keep up with yours. I hope everything is going great, and you WILL get better, don't worry. Good luck!
  4. Day 2: Alright guys and girls, I woke up this morning after taking the first dose of Tane yesterday. And it might just be me, but the redness went down a little. I do have a dry sensation in my throat, but its not bad. Water has become my best friend. After I woke up and took a shower and stuff, I took the Tane. Ill try and keep daily tabs up lol. And thank you for the responses and support so far.
  5. Day 2: Alright guys, I woke up the morning after my first dose of Tane, and well maybe its just me, but to me it actually looks like the redness went down, but that could be from the last time i used ProActive. I always feel a dry sensation in my throat, but its not bad. Water has become my best friend.
  6. Ok, I'm on a 60mg regimen a day for the Accutane. All i was wandering is what other items can i use during Accutane to help the appearance of my skin, like wash, mosturizer, spot treatment, and any other face maintenance stuff?
  7. I started Accutane, and you arent the only guy out there that uses "make-up" lol, i use to use a concealer my mom gave me just to hide the redness, but then stopped because it wasnt THAT good.
  8. Alll these Accutane post are scarying me greatly lol. I started Accutane today, and everyone says that it makes your skin worse for the first month. School starts in a month and i CAN'T deal with another day of going to school with acne on the face, it is TOO painful for me. If ANYONE has some feedback that might help me calm down a little, it would be GREATLY appreciated lol.
  9. Ok, i was presribed Amnesteem, which is considered the generic brand. Doctor told me that the ONLY difference between that and Accutane is the name. But im a worry-wart and i am scared that i am not really taking full strength Accutane. Anyone with any answers please let me know. And i started my own Accutane Diary sorta thing, i dont know how to link the page to this topic, but if you guys would go check out my first day and leave any comments that would be awesome. I wish everyone luck on th
  10. Ok guys, i just joined this site because i thought it would be a great way to help take the acne out of my like. The story of me is simple and very much like everyone else's that suffer from acne. I don't like even saying the word, I don't look people in the eyes, I have tried every treatment out there and have gotten poor results (except from ProActive). Ok anyways, acne has controlled my life for the past year. Seems like a short period of time to some, but that was the longest year of life n